VENG Revisited

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by MiracleBill, Jul 26, 2012.

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  1. Here's a thought. There's been 2 rounds of redundancies since I was told that I should have applied for VENG. How many of those had been granted the 2 year extended career? What are the odds of SOinC(?) issuing a few more golden tickets?

  2. None as SOinC is no more......
  3. Hence the question mark.
  4. Well, my tuppence worth.

    Offered it intially, signed the paperwork, job done.

    Never heard back, thought nothing of it, never got it.

    Asked the RCMO as it wasn't on JPA and got laughed out the office, so I would say no.
  5. Ahh, the Corps gets away with it again.
  6. We've still got an SOinC(A) haven't we? Just a Col now... not the Maj Gen we had when I joined...

    Do we still have a LT Gen as a Master of Signals?
  7. Saw a short chap in my place the other week with Lt Gen slide on. Got stared at by the Corps Razzer for being up and in. Neither of them mentioned my VENG.
  8. HTB,

    I applied for VEng in 2006, heard no more about, assumed it had been kicked into touch and promptly forgot about it. Imagine my surprise in 2008(?) when I was looking on JPA for something else and discovered I had been moved from Oen Engagement to Notice Engagement (or vice versa), and my ROD had moved from Apr 11 to Apr 13!

  9. That was the same as me HTB check your P File and the hard copy should be in there. Spoke to Glasgow and they change your projected termination date and this should then appear on JPA.

    Munch Me
  10. Cheers tb, will check.
  11. Its a little more complicated than that Munch. Any change to the terms of service (if you have the hard copy to back up your claim of the offer & acceptance) now requires a letter to DM(A) for approval to change your engagement. It took about a year for them to jump through the various hoops for me.....
  12. So who do I formally staff the question to?
  13. Your RCMO would be a good starting point. Good Luck.
  14. To be fair to the Corps (and Glasgow), it must have been a nightmare trying to resolve the VEng issue, particularly when SDSR came along in 2010 and drove a coach and horses through the plans. Thankless task trying to keep up with whims of Politicians!
  15. Decided due to pension palava, not to chase it.

    Time to bale methinks......