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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by thegeezer, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. Yes - I accepted the offer

  2. No - I declined the offer

  1. If you've been offered VEng which box did you tick?

    Give us a reason for your choice too if you want.
  2. whats a v-eng then?
  4. I accepted for once it is a win/win situation, you can serve the extra two years if you want, or alternatively just put your notice in at 21 years and leave as normal. That's my reasoning anyway, whether I take up the option of the extra two years is still to be answered
  5. I took the two extra years, but then I firmly believe that in the next two years we will be out of both the 'Stan and Iraq. We will deploy an extra Div to Germany and the LOA will be increased by 75%. I then intend to spend my last 11 years in the land of milk and honey.
  6. How much does your pension go up if you do 24 years (on the AFPS 75)?

    Is 24/37ths of full pension or is it greater or what?
  7. Use the on line pension calculator to find out what you will get:

    By inputting different end dates, it will give you the different figures.
  8. Thats depressing. For some reason thought it would be a little more.
  9. Oh, I don't know an extra £800 (nearly) for just two more years. Not to mentin the extra wedge from two years of payslips.
  10. Yeah but if you leave early your pay will jump from 35-45k to upwards of 70k (we have tech sgt contractors starting now on £4-500 a day)

    Beats an increase of £800
  11. It is something to consider.

    How long do those contracts last for? And is there any chance of them drying up?
  12. I'm accepting for the same reasons as Timebandit. Currently i intend to chin it at 22 years however who knows what my situation will be (i reach 22 in just over 5 years time). I can chose to serve on for another 2 or chin it as i planned.
  13. Same detail, have about 7 years left, and will probably pull the pin for 22.

    But you never know, kids may need a bit longer at school or maybe the Mrs can work a bit longer somewhere. The two years could come in handy.

    I know of a fair few blokes who have moved to teh MPGS. One I know definitly only did it because he couldn't afford a house in the area, didn't want to stay in the area to settle any way, but the Mrs had a cracking job, just been promoted and been put on a course that would help her get a better job when they did move. He did 3 years on the gate, then retired... again. (on a WO2 22 year pension and a Pte's wage).

    Another stayed for the kids. Stayed in until the kid had finished college (1 year I think) then did one.
  14. Notwithstanding the possibility of increased wages in civvy street you should note that each year you serve beyond 22 is a year you aren't drawing your pension - effectively a £10k+ a year pay CUT.

    It will take a long time to claw £20k back at £800 a year.....

    I think it may be worth signing up for VEng for the added option of 2 extra years but to improve the pension? No.

    It remains to be seen whether those on VEng will be treated differently on promotion boards than those who remain on Open.

    I chose not to expose myself to the risk of adverse treatment.
  15. DII(F) contracts, lot's of guys are jumping ship from EDS at the moment and am hearing whispers that they are going to heavily cut back their presence in the UK.

    Still getting a lot of muppets coming from EDS though, but with a few years experience of AD or exchange, tech background and a min of SC (DV preferred) you would start on a min of £350 a day as a tester or maybe even implementation engineer. Good design experience will get you £600 a day easily.