VEng or not to VEng that is the question!

Discussion in 'REME' started by headgear, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. Before I sign my life away can anyone think of anything worse happening to me other than a really shitty posting for my last 2 years, tours, death etc?

    Financially the wages are better than you could normally get in civvy street and my yearly pension will be better as well. Accomodation, leave, sick& dental etc are all pro's as well.

    I'm just wondering if someone can think of any other sneaky, below the radar consequences REME could stiff me with.

    Cheers in advance - many minds are better than one!
  2. Get Out!! you're slowing the promotion pyramid at the top!!
  3. Don't be lulled into the "wages thing". Depending on where you go and the job, the wages can be much better. The only thing to go with that, is watch how much you earn before you fall into a frightening tax bracket.
    As for V-Eng I think it's down to the person. Stay in the army and accept it for all it's to be or get out and start a new life. You are still young enough to start a new. Believe me, they can't even find anyone in my Father-in-laws company to go and service land rigs in Egypt (much gelt).
  4. Get out - besides the obvious and inevitable extra tour (or two if you're unlucky) that could see you FUBAR'd there's also the fact that once you do leave the army you're gonna have to start a new career. The younger you are for that - the better. I know it's only two years extra but in my opinion - once you qualify for that immediate pension then you should take it and do one to make a start on your new career. Unless of course you are an old tw4t and want to properly retire or find a nice little stress free part time job just to supplement your pension. I'm in the first group of people though so come my 40th birthday you won't see me for dust as I collect my pension and make best use of the 25 years or so working life I have ahead of me.
  5. Ask yourself these questions,

    1. Will I be eligble for another promotion by doing the extra two and will I get it?

    2. Will doing another two help my chances of being able to afford a house?

    3. Do i want to risk becoming a divorce statistic(assuming you are married) by subjecting wifey and kiddies to another couple of years stress.

    If you answered no to the above then make like a tree and leave. As for a stiffing under the radar, are you not getting enough overt stiffagery?
  6. Good points there, Im packing as we speak :wink: Im waiting for the V Eng board in Feb then the SSGT board in March before I make my decision. Maybe that decision will be made easier by either result :roll:
    Ok wheres the Resettlement officer.
  7. I was lucky enough to be on the first batch offered VEng, I accepted it as I was told I was coming off the most recent board meaning I'd get an extra 2 years in the next rank - bonus! - the day I accepted it I found out I wasnt even ON the feckin board!

    Send in a refusal notice and run for the hills - I've told MCM to rip my acceptance up and am making like a swastika for civvy street, these lying cheating scum-bags are not worthy of my presence................

    Oh, and its nice to be back by the way..........
  8. I Have to agree with Alpha Mech. I have six weeks left and 4 weeks ago got offered a further 2 years. I have had a great time in the Corps and if honest I have to admit was looking forward to life outside with trepidation but now that I have grasped the nettle I think I have made the right decision in turning it down. You have to get out at sometime and I think the younger that you do it the better.
  9. Im in the RE, we have just had the Seniors Selection board results out last week, having seen the list and spoke to a few people in my unit who were on the first 'tranche' (over 20 years served) of VEng offers - everyone who refused theVEng were not selected. So if your VEng decision is 'no' in Feb I think you know the answer to comming off the board in March.

    I concur with all the above statements - if you want to get stuck into the rest of your life (with less f**k-abouts) you know what you must do.
  10. Battsimm,

    Who told you you were coming off the board and did you get it in writing? If you did then you may have grounds for a formal complaint (AGAI 70). I would be surprised if anyone at Records would guarantee someone being promoted before the board sat. Their balls aren't crystal.

    If you were not eligible in the first place, surely you should have realised that?

    If you did take VEng you may get another shot or two at promotion now that the residual service rule has changed (if that is important to you, it may not be with civvy street beckoning). If you did take VEng you can still sign off after having given 12 mths notice, before your 24 year point.

    As you've now refused it, the good thing is that allows another individual the offer (dilemma) instead. GunDog's "test questions" are spot on.

    From my foxhole 2 things that happen to mislead folk re apparent promises from records are:

    1. Records are wrongly contacted at desk clerk level rather than desk officer level and the advice given is flawed - the clerks are not empowered to safely give such advice, although most are very good at what they do, the others being new and still learning in some cases.

    2. OCs who seek advice from records do not pass it on correctly - "may" becomes "will" etc -or indeed the soldier receiving the accurately described information from his boss is selective with what he hears when told.

    Battsimm - My point is that calling them "lying cheating scumbags" is a tadge harsh - they are just an easy target and from my extensive dealings with them, you are way way off the mark. They do make mistakes but don't for a minute believe their job is easy.

    Nobody's perfect, not even you or me

    Good luck whatever you do next
  11. Just signed my papers for a cheers easy extra two years. Promotion board soon! happy as a pig in the brown stuff!

    :D :D :D
  12. In my opinion, and in the words of kylie Minogue "Better the Devil you know"

    I own my own house, I am already divorced, I like tours and I don't care if I never get promoted again as long as I get clothes on my back, a roof over my head and three square meals a day!!

    I love the fcuking Army and the Army loves fcuking me, so VEng full career.....bring it on!!!

  13. I have just been rcomended on my CR, but I am a few years off yet. I am with you and T_M, I am happy to soldier on as long as the Corps wants me and I can still do my job.
  14. Got selected off the 2nd board to sit,accepted and I'm quite happy.I would serve until I'm 55 if I get the chance.The CORPS may not be perfect but as someone has previously said "Better the devil you know!".At least I've guaranteed £30,.000 grand a year minimum untill I'm 42,plus I'm in Germany so all the fringe benefits with 4 kids are nice!