VENG LONG: Has the Corps made the right choice?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ashford_old_school, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. Who do you think should be offered VEng long; personnel that have only managed to get to Cpl and Sgt after 20 odd years, or a few old and bold who thought they were doing the right thing by getting all the ticks in the boxes and getting promoted by the right timelines?

  2. How about those who offer something of value back to the Corps', regardless of if they are a 20 year Screw or Stripey.

    Not much point keeping a WO1 career brown noser in who can't speak Pashtu (for example), if you have a 20 year Sgt who can.

    What does the Corps need? The VEng Long isn't a reward for being a good egg.

    Indeed it may be better to keep the Screw or Stripey, as teh young thrusters can still get around them... keeping a WO1 affects a lot of people and by the nature of the small number of slots available blocks the traffic. And the pension burden would be less.
  3. AOS - why, how many 20 year full screws or sergeants were selected for VEng Long then?
  4. Slightly disingenuous of you as I'm sure you've seen the list, one of each.

    CF - They have obviously got so much to offer the Corps that the Corps has seen fir to reward them with a max of two promotions!!
  5. i can't even spell disingenuous, and i haven't seen the list. otherwise i wouldn't have asked.
  6. Does someone need a hug?
  7. Got to weigh it up whether them remaining with the Corps is the best thing for the Corps. A 20 year WO has probably got a varierty of experiences under his / her belt whereas a full-screw has probably had his experience limited due to his rank. Lets face it it is rare for a Cpl or a Sgt to be given a real position of responsibility within the Corps but these are the personnel who keep the Corps ticking over.

    If a WO1 was to stay in for the extra time then there will have to be some contingency made by MCM Div to allow for those below him to have the ability to be promoted without this guy causing a bottle neck.
  8. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe this is the case. I also understand that there are certain jobs that are precluded from being filled by a VENG?
  9. I think you will find that the full screw will pyss all over the majority when it comes to operational and non-operational experience.
  10. WAH HA HA HA WAH!!!! Or do you refer to the 20yr Cpl in tandem to the 20 yr WO1? Even so, still a WAH!

    And! Do we have 20yr Cpls in the Corps? I can think of only one and he was photographer who was cracking at his job in a time when we struggled to provide. (And it wasn't Exocet btw as he got to Sgt).
  11. Hmmm

    We are getting on to op experience, etc.

    As I pointed out.... if you have a Cpl who can (for example) speak Language A, which you need. And a WO1 who speaks languages B, C and D, which are ok, but you have others you can speak them. Then who will you pick?

    Many seem to be approachinghtis as somesort of level playing field competition between teh WO1 and the Cpl.

    Likewise, if you have all teh WO1s you need, but you are significantly undermanned at Cpl (for example) what will you do?
  12. Have you been taking your meds? :?

    I have served with the said full screw for the past 20 years. Err ... :roll: comments?
  13. Not recently I'm afraid but they still seem to work.
  14. I have served with the aforementioned full screw for the past 20 years (ish) and thus can vouch for him.
  15. Check PMs mate