Anybody know when VENG(LC) additional 6 year offers`will be made for those of us on VENG(FC) with a new run out date in Jan 2013? I know board sits for FC in Feb 2010 for those with a 22 year ROD in 2013 but does that effect 24 year boys?
Do we have to apply in the same way as those wishing to serve to 24 years as recently slipped in by MCM Div.
Heywood_Jablowme said:
Keep an eye out on the MCM page. It'll get 'slipped' in there, on a friday for comedy value!
They don't do it for comedy value. It's to filter out unworthy applicants who are obviously undedicated to the corps and trying to slip in a poets day.

Any good REME tradesman worth his salt, will forego an early knock and if there is nothing better to do, spend friday afternoons sewing on new TRFs and checking the web for last minute career deciding announcements.
Another 6 years, cheeky monkey, do you want to be the PAAB ASM or something? If not get out and let some other poor sod get promoted! Its people like you which make the rest of us wait another year etc etc :D

From what was mentioned on the last roadshow i went to there will be very few of these being handed out. They royally fecked up by rolling out VEng the way they did and do not want to make the same mistake again.
Their numbers are being directed by their higher at Army Manning(caps on WO1 slots, caps on re-joins, winkling out the DE&S hideyhole posts back to the Field Force) so they are now trying to right wrongs.

We have ome people on VEng now that are not willing or able to be used in the Corps main effort AFG (or back filling to enable, No 7 Board springs to mind :wink: ).

Someone mentioned a mad %age of non FE pers in the Corps right now.
Hence the VEng 'have you passed a BFT/CFT?' form now.
Why would they want to give extra years to someone who cannot through illness or cantbearrsedness any extra time to the detriment of those behind them?
Artisan as PAAB ASM? What a coup and a kick in the teeth that would be for the Corps' Gold Standard.

I am one of the many oldies who will never pull medical card to get out of deployment, find CFT relatively easy and can still run BFT in young bloke time so not worried about what has to be put on application forms. Not even sure from a personal point of view whether I want another 6 years (stress of job, bearing on my old man health and subsequent employability in Civvy Street).

I am just looking at all possibilities both within Army and out in the big bad world. Not being disloyal but I think it is now time for some self service having devoted half my life to REME.

So the question remains, when does board sit and do you have to apply?

Those of you who have to wait another year, you all have an extra 2 years to fit your career into any how(??????)
Fair play to you Sir.
Do you have ArmyNet access? (If not PM me and i'll get the info to you)
Career off of the top banner then MS Web. In the bottom right of the page is VEng LC and LSL.
I don't see many posts available for wobbly heads in amongst the posting plots though.

As for:-
Those of you who have to wait another year, you all have an extra 2 years to fit your career into any how(??????)
Only if you have been offered VEng! :wink:
Thanks for link to all info I was looking for, everything I need was right there. I was rather naively looking for information in REME site but there was obviouly nothing there on LC.

You are correct on both counts in your previous post. There are no slots for us spankers, but Unspec now so maybe a glimmer if I want to go for it and you are also correct that extended period for promotion is only if selected for VENG(FC) hence my satirical ??????? at end of my post.

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