Veng(LC) E2 SSCP Promotion Policy


before I star (although I'm asking for it now) clear concise info would be appreciated as I don't want to start a "Anyone on LSL ain't worthy of promotion" debate!!!

Can anyone advise me or direct me to the policy on promotion for individuals on Veng(LC), specifically those in E2 SSCP (Senior Soldier Continuity Posts).

I was under the impression that when Veng(LC) first came out the rules were that you would be eligable for promotion and boarded against peers in the same Cap badge? I know it used to be the case as one of the incentives for transferring from LSL to Veng(LC) was that promotion was now an option. Has someone pulled the rug??

Extract From The Original TACOS is in italics below. Has this been superceded if so I don't recal seeing a new TACOS or indeed seeing a separate policy for the centrally managed Veng LC Pool? Don't tell me they just published it on the MS Web and sneekily got us to signe a new Offer To Transfer (Which they did for everybody on the 2011 Posting Plot Debacle.

I was never bothered before but now I have guys working for me who are E2 SSCP Veng(LC) and some of them are potential promotion candidates. Being eligable for promotion would make up for a two year pay freeze and being at pay spine level 7 of 7 all of which relates to no annual increase in pay with the cost of living ever increasing.


10. Rank and Eligibility for Promotion. Personnel who transfer from the LSL to the VEng LC who reverted in rank on joining the LSL will remain at the rank they reverted to, or the rank they have subsequently reached on LSL promotion if a LSL Recruiter. However, personnel who transfer from the LSL to the VEng LC will become eligible for promotion with effect from the date of transfer. Policy, Precedent and Guidelines for promotion within the centrally-managed VEng LC pool will be published separately.
JA, If you have converted to SSCP V ENG (LC) Then it states Soldiers serving on SSCP Veng LC should be aware that in the current manning climate DM(A) is unlikel;y to allocate a quota for promotions for those serving on the general or estate management posts: This may change in the future,but individuals will need to tune their aspirations accordingly

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