VEng (Full Career) Question ?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by DesktopCommando, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. In the last year I applied to VEng 22 - 24 years and was accepted, but now as of yesterday I have been informed that I am now on the VEng (Full Career) 30 year contract as well.

    My question is does this affect promotion, as my heads of shed suspect that any promotion will be deliberately slowed down now.

    My job currently is Logistic Specialist (Supply)
  2. Isn't service over 24 years actually called long?
    Full 13-24, short 0 -12.

    Also isn't the first extension 3 - 5 years?
  3. I think that's about right, short 0 -12, Full 13-24, long 24-?.

    After full however I think that long is offered as 2 periods of 6 years?

    I stand corrected if wrong!
  4. I have seen varying amounts being handed out depending on rank and med cat.

    I thought engagement regardless the longer career structure would apply across the board from 2010?
  5. VEng Short - 0-12 years with transition to VEng Full at 7 years +

    VEng Full - 12-24 years, normal promotion requirements. You can still apply for continuance at 24 years.

    VEng Long - 24-36 years, this replaced LSL from 1 Apr 09. You will not promote on this engagement. The last of the soldiers on LSL should run out around 2018.
  6. Versatile Engagement
    5. There are 3 types of Career (“short”, “full”, “long”) available on a Versatile Engagement
    (“VEng”). The type on which you enlist will depend upon your chosen Corps or trade. In most
    cases, enlistment will be on a VEng Short Career but some Corps may enlist directly on a VEng
    Full Career or a VEng Long Career.
    6. VEng Short Career. This engagement is for a term of 12 years’ Colour service.
    7. VEng Full Career. This engagement is for a term of 24 years’ Colour service.
    8. VEng Long Career. This engagement is for a term of 30 years’ Colour service.

    Think I need to re-look at the document :$
  7. If you accept VEng full or long do you still have to give 12 months notice to leave once you have completed your 22 if that was your original contract?

    I understand you have signed a 'new' contract when you accept but should you be offered employment after you have entered you VEng period could you leave having given say 5 or 6 months notice? I have noticed on JPA if you select 'Terminate service' it asks you for a dat 'When would you like to leave'!
  8. Yes, normal rules apply. If you want to sign off before you're due to, you have to give 12 months notice. On VEng (Full) resettlement starts at your 22 year point in the same format as is current, but if you sign off you are still entitled to resettle, but only get 12 months to fit it in! Quicker discharge for employment is possible but depends on your CO releasing you. (I am currently registered for resettlement because my VEng isn't showing on JPA, but will be able to restart with full entitlement at my 22 year point when JPA is updated)
  9. Once on the VEng Full, if you want to leave at any time you just hand in your 12 months notice... ie you sign off.

    If you leave the Army after 22years you qualify for a immediate pension.

    Bearing in mind there is an immediate pension clause in the 05 scheme that sees you get a IP if you have reached the age of 40 AND served 18 years.
  10. Remember that JPA is still not showing correct engagements with regard to V Eng. You can check whether you have V Eng by looking at the MS pages - RLC link. All boarded and accepted onto V Eng are listed in a rather long spreadsheet. Very, very few have been given V Eng Long Career.
  11. I turned down VEng but seem to have magically appeared on the list!!! Seems that MCM Div are struggling for manpower and feel that they can change our contracts against our will (AGAIN)!!!!
  12. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    and your surprised????
  13. No, nothing surprises me anymore!!!
  14. Doesn't really make much difference they can't make you do the extra time. Might screw up your resettlement though.
  15. As I understand it, 'the list' is everybody that have been offered a transfer, it doesn't discriminate between those that have accepted and those that haven't.