Veng(FC) Notice To Terminate


I am on the LSL and have just accepted Veng(LC) and one question I asked before accepting was how it would affect my Notice To Terminate as currently on the LSL its 6 months. The response was that on Veng(FC) this would increase to 12 Months - no problem.

A RLC badged friend of mine is currently on Veng(LC) I.E. he has just done about 23 years and was told on being offered it that his notice would be 6 months. He may have an offer in Civ Street and has been enquiring about his entitlements, I got hold of the Veng DIN that is now on the Def Intranet and it states 12 months notice however does this alter by Cap Badge - I doubt it.

Following my advice he has contacted APC MS CSS and has been told that it is 12 months but may have been 6 when he was offered it - having not been contacted about the increase where does he stand?

Ta in advance.

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