VENG-Are the RAMC adopting this?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by drain_sniffer, Dec 7, 2005.

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  1. With only a few years left to serve, I have been hearing and reading about Versatile engagment i.e. the option to stay in as a WO up to the age of 55. Now this is something I would be interested in. Does anyone know if this will be adopted in the RAMC and if so, when?

    All comments on the subject most welcome.
  2. If youre already in then I dont think you can go on to it. The whole promotion thing would slow right down just as it has for the QA nurses who are on common terms of service, minimum of 4 years in each sub rank.
    imagine youre a WO1 with a couple of years left and you are allowed to go on to the versatile engagement, youd be stuck in that rank for the next 15+ years.
  3. The idea of VENG was played with after the lead service idea feel flat on its face. Some the tech CEG's looked at but it never really got of the ground. The only real way to stay in at the 22 year point is to try the long service route. 8)
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  5. Ventress

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  7. Stop delaying the inevitable. Get yourself into civvie street and stop bottling it. Its a young mans game and let them get on with it. You've had your go now get out. give someone else a go. surely at the age of 40-45 you want a quality of life,not going on tour and excersise time after time. Dont forget when you get to 22 years you are entitled to £50000 plus £10-11000 a year pension. so if you stay in you in effect loose that off your monthly pay as you are not getting it. added to the amount per month you dont pay on a mortgage if you put the £50000 on your house. so in effect about £1000 per month. Take that of your £2200 you get in the bank you arent working for much. Equally what job are you going to get at 55. give yourself a fighting chance. Get out while youve got age on your side. If you havent got a house and/or saved money then your a muppet anyway so stay in a get your grotty council house at 55 and live on your poxy army pension. See if they care about you then.
  8. What sort of fe**ing quest are you on?
  9. Ventress

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  10. he's doing well isnt he?
  11. Dont the AGC have something similar in place now. might be worth asking one of them.
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  13. I have a presentation on it from DSPS(A) if want to know more. PM me.
  14. Are you suggesting my maths are wrong! If so you are in need of the Governments core skill training they say society is short of. If you dont take your money at 22 years you are losing money all the time. end of chat. You may be earning X but the mere fact you havent taken Y means X-Y is your wage. Yes of course you continue to get paid and yes contribute to the pension but rest assured it doesnt increse by anywhere near what you are missing out on. you will then on current maths get £80000 + 18000 a year before tax at 55 years old. (that is roughly an LE Majs handout today) If you believe thats enough to get by on then fair play to you enjoy you cheap holidays to Blackpool at 60. Houses today Avg are 180000 thats today and increasing faster than inflation(wage increases) If you dont own a house now and decide to stay on as a WO then get your name on the council list for 15 years time and prep yourself for a low income retirement. not withstanding the 67 year retirement you will have to work to. Get out get your money invested get a decent job and look forward to a decent retirement. The Army alone will not give you that. Its a fun place to be for a young lad, your not young for ever. If your thick and punched above your weight in the army stay on. if you have a decent chance in civvie street take it. theres big money to be had out here added to that you put your military pension which you can reinvest and lump sum pay a large slice of your morgage of. Surely that makes sense. Good luck if you stay in. enjoy the CFT's at 49 and circuit sessions, early mornings putting up tents getting bogged out, tour after tour. Thats a young mans game not a married 40 odd year olds game. Get some quality in your lives. Dont let your employer dictate your life to you like you do now. Tha choice is yours.
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