Venezuelan F-16s to Iran?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, May 17, 2006.

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    Sometimes denials mean that exactly this step would be done. And what if Venezuela would ingnore American prohibitions? Maybe Venezuela would be invaded or oil embargo would be imposed?
  2. Good luck getting spares. Those airframes are around 25 years old.
  3. Could it be another attempt to get the yanks goat?

    Or just anoother attempt by the 'underdog' to snub their nose at the evil empire?
  4. I'm sure the Chinese could run something up....
  5. For all the challenge they would present to an F22, they may as well be flying Sopwith Camels.
  6. like all other types of military action its not the machine but the man, well until everyone is using rov's. fall all their faults i'm sure the usaf could deal with iran if they were using the f22 and the spams the sopwith camels.
  7. A slightly confusing post bleep, I assume you mean that if the tables were turned and the Iranians had the F22, they would have the upper hand. You are of course correct. Similiarly, if Iran had the Deathstar and a battalion of Chuck Norris clones, they would kick Uncle Sams butt. Thankfully, they havent, so they cant. :roll:
  8. If they want to sell them, let them sell them. After all, didn't they pay for them. Irrelevant how they paid for them.... that doesn't come into the equation!

    So, if Iran wants F16 fighters they can park them alongside their F14s!
  9. It is relevant when they signed a contract (which is backed up by international law) promising that they would not sell them onto a 3rd party :D
  10. sorry i must must remember to read through before posting but you did get the gist of what i was saying.
  11. Since when do the spams give a toss about international law? 8O
  12. So , between Venezuela and Bandar Abbas is an awful lot of sea. I can't see the cargo not being intercepted on route, and isn't Iran still under embargo as regards Arms sales anyway?
  13. PTP!

    What would our American friends do if the cargo would be under

    1. Liberian flag
    2. Russian flag
    3. Russian naval flag.
  14. As long as they had a suspiscion that the ship was carrying restricted weapons to Iran, i'm 99% sure they would blockade the ship regardless of which flag it flew. Watch out sergey, better avoid any long 'pleasure-trips' to the arabian gulf in the near future :D
  15. For a small consideration, our friends in the French secret service would sink it in the port of embarkation. :D