Venezuela Threatens Breaking US Diplomatic Relations

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. "Oil rich Venezuela slowly turning out as another Iraq – Chavez threatens to cut petroleum supplies to America " by
    Preeti Singhani. 16 August 2005

    Venezuela is an important US supplier of both crude oil and refined products. US/Venezuelan diplomatic relations have been deteriorating, to judge by the utterances of Pres. Chavez.

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez threatened again Aug. 14 to suspend crude oil shipments to the United States if U.S. government "aggressions" against Venezuela do not cease. If these aggressions continue to escalate, Chavez said, it could lead to a break in diplomatic relations between Caracas and Washington.

    I have read elsewhere that Pres. Chavez suspects US government of complicity in an attempted coup d'etat against him.

    This story is getting little or no play on American television news.

    US energy markets are very tight right now. Interruption of Venezuelan energy exports would have attention-grabbing consequences in my opinion.
  2. Quit interfering in others' affairs - that's what I say. Recent US history is peppered with invasions, intrusions and interventions in others' sovereign affairs. Their brand of diplomacy is cynical, corrupt, self-serving and ultimately takes its toll on innocent people's lives.

    Just get out and stay out
  3. whatched a documentary about the last coup hint to coup makers don't use the ex presidents guards as your palace guards :lol:
    after waiting for all the coup leaders to be in the palace and egged on by the crowd peruvian Paras arresseted the lot of them :twisted:
    there now mostly living in florida home of democracy MY ARRSE :twisted:
  4. Quite right frenchperson..........they should be more sneaky like the french who have subversion/intervention/meddling in other countries affairs down to a fine art.........................

    Tell me it's because Chavez is planning to acquire WMD's and it's not about oil. This just makes me seethe. I look forward to the stories from Fuxx and others, that Chavez is torturing/has WMDs/is going to acquire them/is making Nukes.

    It would be a lot simpler to start looking at alternative fuel sources , as we'll have to sooner rather than later , than invade every damn country that can keep you in gas at $2.00 a gallon, prolonging the inevitable.

    Good housekeeping and sensible use of a finite resource in the US would save a lot of these dramas, lies and bloodymindedness.
  6. The little oik is acting like a gansgter!

    He hasn't got the balls to turn off the crude oil supply to uncle sam. It would be politicl suicide! The spams import up to 60% of the annual Venezuelan crude oil production.

    Thats a fairly large nose to cut off to spite their face :D
  7. Chavez seems to have a policy of saying something unpleasant/threatening/macho about the US at least every other month. Can't recall where I saw/heard it, but one expert suggested that it is little more than posturing - strong President sticks middle finger up at gringo imperialists, votes follow. US studiously ignores Chavez, gets oil - both parties content. Not sure how accurate that is, mind you...

    Interestingly - and apparently ignored at the time - there were several prominent US neo-cons who argued in favour of the US seeking alternative sources of energy; this was about the time of OIF/Telic. I'll see if I can find the source (thinking about it, it may have been Arrse...).
  8. Wrong there I'm afraid.

    Lesson On:

    Chavez DID cut off the supply of Heavy Crude last year not just to the Septics but the Chinese and Europeans as well.

    Bit of a problem really as one of the US Power Companies had just spent roughly £275m converting a power plant
    from Coal burning to Heavy (quite complicated)

    They (in the guise of PDVSA) got sued and the supply was switched back on.

    The move was advised by Dr Bernard Mommer, head of the PDV Business Intelligence unit based in the UK, who
    got called back to home base for a major earful. The theory being that heavy crude (of which Venezula possesses the
    worlds largest reserve) sells for a fraction of crude itself. Therefore hang on to the stocks til everyone is desparate. It can
    be converted to crude/fuel oil but is not financially viable AT THE MOMENT.

    If you want to understand Chevaz's politics google "Bernard Mommer" as he is one of his major advisors, now promoted to
    Hydrocarbons Vice Minister. Especially interesting is his rapid move from Germany in the early 70's to S America.

    Lesson Off, Coat and Yawn on!!!
  9. I know Chavez detests Bush, but my question is Who is putting him up to such a drastic action ?
  10. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    tee hee [​IMG] ...what, like keeping 4,000 members of the French armed forces in " independent " Cote d'Ivoire you mean ?

    Strafing the Ivoirean Air Force on the ground ?

    Ah, we Anglos just cannot fathom the subtleties of La Veuve's diplomacy..... about as subtle as un macon volant.....

    Le Chevre
  11. Come on, croissant boy, it was your very own big cheese de Gaulle who said that "nations don't have friends, they have interests". As has been pointed out on this thread, the CESM have a terrible habit of trying to get involved in other nation's internal affairs. They just happen to be not very good at it!

    I would suggest that, be it at the instigation of the oil corporations or not (and this is not a comment on whether or not we should move into renewable supplies), oil/LNG supplies are of vital national interest and therefore countries HAVE to act to secure them.
  12. It was Lord Palmerston, Britich Prime Minister in the 1850s who told Queen Victoria

    "Your Magesty, Britain has no permanent friends, neither does she have permanent enemies, she only has permanent interests"

    Usually follwed by "So lets send a gun boat"

    Bit like GB really.
  13. Yet again then. The Frogs copying the British! Only difference is that we usually win! Actually, scrap that, the only difference is that we always fight!
  14. The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea
    In a beautiful Greenpeace boat
    They sailed away
    For a year and a day
    Until it was blown up by the French Secret Service

    AS- Chavez can cut off the US anytime he wants. There are plenty of other customers waiting.

    Carpe Diem- Schoolboy error on the Palmerston quote, considering...
  15. plus he's just brought a boat load ogf rpgs and aks for his home guard.
    chavez being popular at home with most of venuzalua being jungle or shanty town.
    plus he's democraticly elected