Venezuela seizes British ranch

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Mar 23, 2005.

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  1. British owned farm seized in venuzuealan land grab

    Seems like bobby mugabe disease is spreading round the world! :roll:
  2. Except Chavez is popular across the board, and isn't starving half the opposite tribe to death , and sending the other half midnight taxis.
  3. Cannot think what B Liar attitude is to Venezuala but doubt this will turn into another Falklands. If it does, we'll have to arm the boy scouts or recruit mercenaries from Yank schools
  4. He is still very authoratarian in his approcah to social justice and does persecute his enemies. Obviously not on the same scale as bobby. :wink:
  5. spams are spitting blood at chavez orgainised a coup against him last time
    unfortunatly the coup leaders had chavez old oppos guarding the palace so two days later had the guns pointing at them.
    note when orgainising a coup don't have new labour stag on
  6. Ah now this is what I have been waiting to Happen.
    King George II has been that busy Empire building across the other side of the world he took his eye off the ball in his backyard and eh the socialists are having a field day.
    Hard to find sympathy for Lord Vesty and his group, memeory says that one year he paid less then a tenner in personal income tax.
    One thing fixing all thoes election in the old soviet states and securing ya oil, but the tide will sweep up from the south and the Alamo will fall.
  7. Lord Vestey gained hugely when the poll tax was introduced. His annual bill plummeted, enabling him to sink even more of his huge personal fortune into filling buildings full of lawyers to seek out even more tax loopholes for the bloated fat cat to exploit. What goes around comes around and this reclamation of land (no, not grab or seizure) is to be regarded as totally fair and above board. All power to Chavez - he should banish dishonest exploiters from his brave new vision for the land of Venezuela. They don't belong there and only serve to sully the reputation of this proud and honest land.
  8. A_S,

    I read what your saying, however the latest news suggests the land issue has been solved in an "amicable fashion"...

    Whether or not all the facts of the case have been fully reported is a certainly subject for further discussion. However, I can see the govt. perspective in reclaiming land for which insufficient evidence of ownership is held - if that's what their legislation requires. It's much akin to the UK govt nailing someone's possessions under inheritance law if no-one comes forward with a tangible link to a deceased person's estate...

  9. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Maybe we could ask for a hand out from those very nice gentlemen on the "professional soldiers board"?
  10. today a ranch.... tomorrow the falklands....


  11. Friend of mine visits Venezuela on business regularily. He says that Chavez is a very nasty piece of work who has destroyed democracy virtually overnight.

    Apparently he is an ex paratrooper who went into organised crime before working out the African principle of democracy, One Man - One Vote - Once. His anti Americanism got him huge support from the sans cullottes (it's always nice to blame someone else) and his policies are not very far removed from those of Peron or Mugabe. Flatter the masses, get their vote, build up a ruthless internal oppressiion force and then do what the hell you want.
  12. You really do occupy another mental plane, don't you?

    Did you get that right out of Uncle Joe's little red book of populist metaphors? :roll: