Venezuela gets 2m reserve troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. I have been to venezuala and they have some of the sexiest,sluttiest,most attractive looking women I have seen anywhere. And alot of moustached men in tight vests. Can't comment about thier army though but being english and arrogant I expect they are shite.
  2. Some of whom will have guns! 8O :D
  3. And if the Bay City Roller haired geek in 'Gregory's Girl' is right, Caracas has a ratio
    of 8 women to 1 bloke. Why are we still here?!!!
  4. The Venezuelan Armed Forces are typical of Central and South America - they haven't actually fought a war in any meaningful sense since the early 19th century (and yes, I am aware that there are exceptions), are heavily and fatally politicised, tend to devote their energies to exterminating their own people, and are obsessed with projecting a macho image. All this blather about Chavez 'arming the people' and forming a 'peoples' militia' is all so much puff. Any half competent army would tear them to pieces.

    Keep bluffing Hugo, it's all you've got.
  5. Remind me , why do we need to attack Venezuela again?

  6. Not sure how much oil do they have
  7. Pres. Chavez picked up one hundred thousand Kalashnikov rifles recently and said he's in the market for another million.
  8. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Not sure - has the Celestial Helmsman picked up his orders from the 'O' group at Camp David yet ?

  9. If they do with GWB track record or foreign affairs I expect that the 82nd Airborne are on stand by to storm the Vatican as we speck
  10. Don't be so stupid, Greengrass. It's the 101st Airbrone. And they'll be storming Venice.
  11. I look forward to the 101st drowning as they try to land in the broad blueish coloured streets in venice
  12. ...assuming of course that the locals don't get them first (or they don't catch cholera).
  13. Italy or California?
  14. I heard something like they where 4th or 5th in the worlds exporters, and as Shrub has most of numbers 1 through 4 under his control...