Venezuela gets 2m reserve troops

Perhaps we should ask them how they did their recruiting?

Venezuela has increased the number of reservists in its military to a total of two million men and women.

Army high command spokesman Col Herrera Jimenez said that around one-and-a-half million Venezuelans had recently signed up to become reservists.

And it looks like their procurement is not dissimilar to ours:

However Venezuela only has enough rifles to equip its professional army of around 80,000 soldiers.

But last year President Chavez announced the military was purchasing a further 100,000 Russian assault rifles.

MSR, perhaps if our economy was on it's arrse and most of the UK was living in poverty then finding people to join the reserves might not be an issue...

I wonder what the uptake for the reserves is in a similar economy in Europe, say Germany?

Chavez is actually a fairly switched on cookie. Recruiting such a large number is one way of government aiding the economy by injecting cash in without being seen to be giving direct handouts. It also improves the level of training and general welfare of the populace and (if done correctly Tony!) increases morale and national cohesion.

A very interesting quote from Jiminez...

...the kind of war Venezuela want to fight [is] a people's war like in Iraq, "where an entire population is rising up against a foreign aggressor"...

Well, what does that mean? Who's side would they be on!

It's all Macho-Latino b*ll*cks to show off to their Sth Am neighbours and this tin-pot General is crowing loudly because his Boss has given him a bigger office and much larger (if effectively useless) train set.

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