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Venezuela about to go down the tubes...a lesson for Corbyn and the Labour Party perhaps?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rodney2q, Jul 28, 2017.

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  1. Well I thought the £2.5m over 10 years is extremely small change particularly if it includes military aircraft engines. How many of those do you get to the £ and more to the point what aircraft (singular because at that price you not get more than two) are they going to put them into.
  2. Still not/don't want to get it, so I'll have to use small words for thick Tories. The right thought they had Corbyn for not saying naughty naughty at Venezuela. Whilst the government of the day (sells and by association SUPPORTS) the same regime is FAR FAR worse than saying words.
    In a rather depressing predictability the Tories just open themselves up to a massive elephant trap, if it's dealing with shady regimes the right have experience in spades.
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  3. Repeating the same delusional fantasies doesn't suddenly make them true.
    What it does is highlight how ridiculous your claims are.
  4. Using that logic the UK, EU, UN, USA, Russia and China are supporting NK as they all send food and fuel aid. It would also seem that the UK gave Venezuela the ability to run an electronic vote to try to stop vote rigging (seems not to have worked though) should we not have done that too.
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  5. I see the Guinness Book of Making Sh*t Up is obviously a Socialist handbook...
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  6. Speak up. I can't hear you over the sound of Labour/Momentum corruption and hypocrisy..

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  7. I'm not sure that I can agree with this - it amounts to little more than apples to oranges whattaboutery in order to spare a groups blushes

    1) Tories are selling nothing - they are allowing others to do so - emotive and clever though it is to suggest May is handing over night sticks personally

    2) There is a fundamental difference between working and trading with a regime and lauding / voicing approval of it it. I have yet to hear a Tory ( or anyone) actually expressing approval of the Saudi regime - which would be the real equivalent rather than the real politic position o working with people because you need to.
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  8. On that logic what the hell has any of this to do with Corbyn? Hence my amusement of Tories falling over themselves desperate to point score.
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  9. [​IMG]





    There you go.....I too can trawl the internet for photo's. Unfortunately these were Govt ministers but hey lets not ruin a good conflation attempt......
  10. In terms of our relationship with them - nothing and yes you are right it is largely point scoring - but Corbyn is being or has been associated with various unsavoury groups either directly or by dint of his inner circle - see momentum.

    I don't want a PM associated on a personal level** with people who think Genocide is acceptable if its directed against certain groups or who tacitly condones anti Semitism and racism if the perpertrator is brown skinned.

    Dianne Abbott and David Lammy are still in his inner circle - until they go - he leaves himself wide open to these accusations

    Yes Boris and Thornberry and numerous others in both parties are tits - but they haven't made judgements based on ethnicity and for the vast majority if they had they would have been hoofed

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  11. You could be right but the inference here is that the Labour Party under Corbyn should learn lessons from Venezuela, when in reality they could learn lessons from experiences in France and Spain as they are more relative to conditions in the UK.
  12. That comes down to how far you believe Corbyn and Momentum/ his inner circle** are and as this thread has demonstrated that's a very subjective point - If you think Corbyn and co are communist / actually wanted to emulate Venezuala then its a very important comparison

    **Saying Labour is just lazy as theirs quite a spread from centre outwards
  13. I don't for one minute think Labour/Corbyn want to or will actually emulate Venezuela and I am astounded that anyone would

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  14. And that is exactly how it starts.
  15. In which case I firmly believe the Tories wish to emulate the worst excesses of the Pinochet regime.

    See, two can play at that (pointless) game.
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