Venezuela about to go down the tubes...a lesson for Corbyn and the Labour Party perhaps?


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Apparently the power outages are nothing new and have been plaguing the country for years.

Venezuela grinds to a halt as blackout drags into a second day | Reuters

This one, perhaps inevitably, has lasted longer than most, and is now into its second day. If, as suggested by some, the problem is that money earmarked for improving and maintaining the power sector has been stolen by corrupt officials, then the power problems are only going to get worse. Eventually, the plants get to the point where they will need rebuilding instead of simply being repaired.

It will be tricky to blame US and other opposition saboteurs for deep-seated structural failures due to a lack of maintenance. Not impossible, but more difficult to do with any sort of credibility.


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The USA withdraws its remaining diplomats from Venezuela.

Power is still out with parts of the country having now gone five days with no electricity. Thousands have been marching in protest in Caracas, with Maduro employing the riot police, the National Guard and armoured vehicles to police the march.

Although communications have been hit with the lack of power, worse still is the lack of power in hospitals, back-up generators not having been sufficient to deal with a n outage of this magnitude. There are reports of deaths from the failure of medical equipment.

The aid protests of the Venezuela-Columbia border are evidently unnerving Maduro sufficiently that he feels obliged to use armed force against them. Former Columbian Socialist guerrillas are being employed to arm and train civilian paramilitaries to fight protesters.

With this rise in armed violence directed at the civilian population, Maduro is ramping up the tension and lighting the fuse that may well trigger a civil war. The USA is withdrawing its diplomats, something that might be for their own safety or as a diplomatic signal to Maduro.

Either way, watch this space.


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Any word from Corbyn et cie about all this?


  1. It's the USA withdrawing their diplomats so Corbyn will label them as the enemy here.
  2. The USA don't like Maduro.
  3. If they are the enemy then Maduro must be a friend.
  4. If Maduro is a friend then he cannot be to blame.
  5. If Maduro is not to blame then there must be an enemy working to undermine and discredit Maduro.
  6. The USA are the enemy therefore the USA are responsible.
Thank you. Makes perfect sense in a drug fueled, low oxygen environment Alice in Wonderland way. Just what you want making policy in the UK.

Be afraid...


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Some people in Venezuela have turned to looting shops to get food and drink.

Venezuela seeks to restore power amid looting; China offers help | Reuters

Meanwhile, although some areas have restored power, it is by no means back on across the country as a whole. China has stepped in to help, which is an interesting development and one which will likely concern Putin. The Chinese are backing up Maduro's line that the power outages are down to US sabotage, even though local engineers and former energy company officials say that, 'A technical problem with transmission lines linking the Guri hydroelectric plant in southeastern Venezuela to the national power grid likely caused the blackout'.

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