Venezuela about to go down the tubes...a lesson for Corbyn and the Labour Party perhaps?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rodney2q, Jul 28, 2017.

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  1. Economically, UKIP (and FN, Northern League, PVV et al) are all staunchly left of centre
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  2. I'm looking forward to him going there and teaching everyone his leftie claptrap.

    The inevitable Daily Mail headline and story will be entertaining
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  3. I agree Owen Jones wont last a month in Saudi, mainly because they don't like his sexual habits.:desertsoldier:
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  4. You read the Daily Mail? No one would have ever guessed! :rolleyes:
  5. I've had a look in the Conservative Party but all I could find were two possible job vacancies. ;)
  6. Cant argue with that Politicians tend to be snake oil salesmen to a man (other gender identities are available)

    Where we differ is that I realise that rich unscrupulous tosspots exist in all political hues - whereas all to often the left buy into the left wing propaganda that its only the other side that has them.
  7. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Indeed. The left often forget to mention that socialist/communist states have been responsible for more death, unemployment and mass misery than fascist ones. You can count the number of truly fascist states on your fingers: Hitler's Germany, Mussolini's Italy, Franco's Spain, Peron's Argentina and so on. When you look at the misery caused by Stalin's Russia, Mao's China, Pot Pol's Cambodia, the 'socialist' states of the old Eastern Europe and current examples such as the subject of the title of this thread, you have to come to the conclusion that hard left states are even more odious that hard right ones.

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  8. A point, most death can be attributed to famine in both Russia and China due to land reform and mistakes. Gulags are trotted out but weren't the death camps of the Nazi regime or Pol Pot's year Zero nonsense.
    Also bear in mind Stalin was an utter c--t but he did bring Russia from a 18th century Feudal shithole to a relatively modern state look at how they led the space race whereas 30 yrs before they were horse and carts.
    Rather like Britain in the beginning of the industrial revolution had it's growing pains and famine (Ireland).
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  9. Comrade Corbyn and his Commie pals in the Liebor Party are blinkered when it comes to criticsing fellow Socialists and fellow travellers.It is a wonder that he hasn't sent 'Fraternal Greetings' to Bob Mugabwe and Little Dear leader, Phat Phuc-Un of PRNK.
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  10. No, I agree with you on that point.
  11. There are no winners be they left or right, whether you get gassed by Hitler or starved by Stalin the end result is the same. I have always thought that the best option is not socialism or capitalism alone, but a mixture of the best both systems have to offer, not unlike what has been going on in China, without the inability to vote that is.
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  12. Oh no you don't: you're not getting away with that revisionist pile of rubbish.

    " . . . estimates of the total number of deaths in the Gulag in the period from 1918 to 1956 range from 15 to 30 million."

    Gulag | Definition, History, & Facts
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  13. Helm

    Helm LE Book Reviewer

    Wrong sort of death camps no doubt, I see Lllech the leftie boyo has failed to grasp history as well as economics
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  14. Ever the Socialist, if it doesn't fit his narrative, then it is dismissed.
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  15. That's true but the "mistakes" like the Great Leap Forward, collective farming, and the Cultural Revolution were made by absolute rulers like Mao and Stalin who were accountable to nobody but themselves and who refused to accept that they were capable of making mistakes. Had Russia, China or even Nazi Germany been democracies, their leaders would have been voted out long before they could kill tens of millions of their subjects, err sorry I mean citizens.

    That's also true. About three million died in the gulags. That considerably exceeds the number of people who died in Nazi concentration camps. The "nonsense" in Cambodia killed more than were killed in Auschwitz during the whole of the Holocaust.

    Feudalism was abolished in Russia in 1861. The February revolution led to the effective abolition of the Russian monarchy and introduction of parliamentary democracy in the form of a national assembly. The October revolution was a coup that overthrew the fledgling democracy and ushered in one of the most murderous and psychopathic regimes since Imperial Rome. In 1917, the Russians went from the Tzar to a mediaeval, absolute monarchy where the communist party had power of life and death over Soviet citizens.

    The Russians did not lead the space race and neither did the Americans. The Germans did. Strangely enough, the V2 engineers in Germany risked their lives to surrender to the Yanks rather than the peoples' champions of the Red Army.

    In the entire recorded history of this country, nothing has ever come close to the industrialised genocide that took place in the socialist dictatorships of the 20th century, and I include national socialist Germany in that assertion.

    The tendency to look at even the recent past through rose tinted glasses is sickening. Politicians like Diane Abbott telling us that people like Mao "did more good than harm" is as offensive as the BNP trying to tell us that the Holocaust wasn't so bad because at least the Nazis made the trains run on time. Tough sh1t if you're in a cattle truck and your train arrives on time at Auschwitz.

    People who think otherwise should listen to those who risked their lives and crossed minefields to escape from the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War.
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