Venezuela about to go down the tubes...a lesson for Corbyn and the Labour Party perhaps?

Reducing taxation is not handing people more money. It is allowing them to keep the money that they have (and usually increasing the tax take as a result).

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The problem with the last raise of the tax allowance was that it benefited middle income earners whilst doing nothing for those on low pay and in work benefits ,as they already didn't earn enough to pay tax. It was a good move for me going into retirement but does nothing to reduce those on in work benefits.
More than just Trump’s support. The OAS has also recognized Guaidó’s government.
How dare the filthy commoners not subscribe to the socialist dreams of their betters?!
Re-education for masses in the first Corbyn government?.

Just need a catchy slogan. Joy through (hard) Labour?. Work makes you a true socialist?. Freedom through work. There again I think the socialists used that one In the 1940s.
If people on benefits are supposedly getting more money then people who are working full time. It is the working peoples wages which need to be raised. The problem is not solved by lowering the very small amounts of money that people on Universal Credit are recieveing. Lowering benefits will only result in a large increase in crime. The UK has some of the lowest unemployment benefits and pensions in the whole of Europe.

Where Are The Best Social Benefits In Europe? It Certainly Isn’t Britain. - Glassdoor Blog (UK)

Do pensioners in the rest of the EU get more cash than the elderly in the UK?

Britain pays retirees worst state pension | Daily Mail Online
I fail to see why those who choose to sit at home watching the Jeremy Kyle show should think they should be entitled to receive more in benefits than the average wage. In times of record employment where work is available as it is now, these people should be out there working, not sitting on their arrses smoking weed and watching the TV.

Benefits are the evil manifestation of the socialist client state.
It's difficult to lower the tax rate below 0%
Brown tried with working tax credits. Hence employers had another excuse to pay tiny wages - taxpayer subsidy.
And another generation who can't afford full time work in proper jobs.

Labour- tying itself in knots for a century.
It's difficult to lower the tax rate below 0%
They managed it here with student loans, I was about to pay mine off then got a letter through showing my last year most of the months had a negative percentage on them and I ended up owing less money than the start of the year despite deferment

I paid it off eventually, when the rates started getting to sensible levels
Presumably Corbyn for once has found an urgent engagement and hasn't managed to attend this protest
He probably did what Livingstone did when he rocked up, in 2008, despite being snubbed by Chavez, Livingstone claims he visited a Socialist paradises of social housing, but neglected to actually name the places, or give any directions to get there.

Livingstone's fake paradise The Handstand ( 2008

"Caracas showed visibly the problems the country faces and progress made in recent years. In west central districts the houses of the old elite and upper-middle class are better than the most upmarket London suburb.

They are surrounded by several million people living in poverty in "barrios" – rough-built slums perched on the side of mountains without basic facilities. These areas were not even marked on the maps under previous administrations!

This is the product of a system where tens of billions of dollars of oil wealth each year were sent abroad to serve this elite without addressing the most elementary questions of quality of life of the majority of people.

That has changed. A trip to one of many new community facilities showed how millions of people have been given access to a new free healthcare system, including dentistry. Illiteracy has been eliminated to Unesco standards. Further education is being rapidly expanded."

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