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Venezuela about to go down the tubes...a lesson for Corbyn and the Labour Party perhaps?

Watching Sky news this morning it appears that the situation in Venezuela is rapidly getting out of hand due to the mismanagement of the economy by the dictatorial socialist government which appears to be more than happy to use the Venezuelan military to keep the masses down...

'Basket case': Why is Venezuela falling apart?

According to Sky the security forces still are supporting the government but for how much longer remanins open to question given the spiralling inflation, food shortages and popular resistance to the government.

It also appears that it is the poor and middle classes that are suffering the most under the Socialist government.

I'm wondering if Saint Jeremy of Corbyn is watching the situation. He seems to be an ardent supporter/imitator of Venezuelen Socialism...

Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto ‘could bring Venezuela’s chaos’

Any chance that Corbyn and his followers might learn something from all this and the implications for the UK if Corbyn ever gets into power?

.....I doubt it - there are none so blind as those who will not see.
I cannot see or hear them from my windows so I really could not possibly care less.
Q for Uncle Sam getting "involved" though.
I cannot see or hear them from my windows so I really could not possibly care less.
Q for Uncle Sam getting "involved" though.

Venezuela has a shed load of oil. Surprised that Donald hasn't seen fit to "liberate" the place already.
Whaaaht??? Its got Oil, its falling apart....

This calls for 911 International Police, 'murica please help us......this is Venzuela calling...'

Team 'murica "Hoo Har...lets save those sand bros in the Middle East again, the Muslims are killing the world again!"

"Hello Muslim Middle Eastern Sand Dweller, I am Captain Fabulous of the United States World Police, we have deployed the spearhead of democracy, 20,000 US Marines, please point us to Venezuela"

"Dude, you killed my family to ask directions to Venezuela"?

BANG BANG - lets burn this sheeiiit! Hoo har.....
For Gods sake, get with the programme. As any fule know, it's all the fault of imperialist pigdog yankee capitalists for not providing free money or buying the Venezuelan oil at the price they want to sell at, rather than the market rate. It's all down to Trump and the Tories obvs - as is global warming, Grenfell, nurses not being paid a gazillion pounds a day, student loans, Charlie Gard, terrorism, cancer etc

If only the Messiah had not been cheated of the power he rightfully deserves by that democratic election thingy, all would be wonderful.....
Sitting on more oil (allegedly) than Saudi, most of the rich Venezuelans are in Florida watching it from afar and yet again the poor get the shitty end of the stick from champagne socialism.
Such a beautiful country, stunning scenery and the women weren't bad either.
You could even get to like Polar beer but there was always an underclass there, however many beers you drank.
It's just that the whole country is now the underclass, stand by for the inevitable South American coup to take place and some substantial humanitarian aid with lots of conditions attached.


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Cue Bugsy to come along and explain how the running dog capitalist imperial colonising evil nasty overlording capitalist barstards done it.


Its the wrong kind of socialism and imperial meddling that has led to the failure of Venicewhaller, every one knows this, the Guardiniad said so.
But they held up Venezuela as a model of Socialism that really works this time
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But the held up Venezuela as a model of Socialism that really works this time
shave and a haircut since then - it was a different time and everyones opinions have changed

Except Jeremy - Jeremy is lauded because he has the same opinions today as he did when he was 18 - his opinion has never changed on any issue

And right there is why I wouldn't want him anywhere near power
There is 0 chance, absolutely ZERO, of Capt Ego (Corbyn) accepting socialism has failed in Venezuela, it will be capitalism.

N.B. previous posts noted.

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