Venezuala rattles sabre

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by batfink, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. Hugo Chavez has massed thousands of troops and tanks to its border with Colombia in response to the killing of leading FARC rebel.

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  2. Wouldn't have the vaguest idea on the potential of any of South Americas armed forces.
    And please lets not turn this into slag the Argies.
  3. a Columbia, Venezuela stand off.
    Chavez and FARC cooperation/alliance. (actual or alleged)
    Colum/Venez conflict.
    Venezuela labeled Terrorist state.
    a US attack with lots of 'shock and awe'. (thats big flashy explosions on TV for the voters at home)
    invasion to 'capture war criminals and terrorists'.
    another world region of oil supply tied to western interests.

    'Mission Accomplished 2' - another huge flag waving nationalist victory, just before an election too.................

    its a republican party wet dream.

    edit to add - and chavez is a much easier target than Iran.
  4. Interesting.
    I do know that Venezuelan oil is very 'Heavy' crude and only few Refineries can process this oil.
    Most are located along the coast of Southern USA.
    If Chavez refused to supply the US he would have problems selling it.
  5. Chavez is an ego-maniac--bound to start a war with someone eventually. When and who with is probably more or less random.
  6. I was in Venezuela when Chavez tried to start a coup,while he was still in the army there.That was a complete non event.Can he do better this time? I doubt it!!! He's a typical S American blustering politico.
  7. Well he's postured on his television show asking the defence minister to “Move me 10 battalions to the border with Colombia immediately - tank battalions,” but I'll wait and see what actually happens first. Will these tanks actually show up or will they be a couple thousand guys with AK-47s that make a much publicised entrance, sit in their bases near the border doing bugger all apart from some showy PR manoeuvres when the television cameras are about and then quietly disappear back in a month or two when no-one is looking. Chavez does have a reputation for being somewhat all talk and no trousers on occassion.
  8. But remember that Chavez has a lot of support in the US. One of his major partners is Citizen's Energy which is controlled by former Congressman Joe Kennedy. Yes, he's one of THOSE Kennedys. Joe could be outwitted by a cocker spaniel but he is very influential. Commercials for Citizens Energy show him hugging Chavez.
  9. Did i read a while back that Red Ken wants to buy oil from this guy to help Londoners out.
  10. I think Mr Chavez has aspirations to be the new Fidel Castro in the region.

    The Venezuelan military have a mix of western and Russian equipment.

    The Navy have a fairly modern mix of frigates and German subs.

    The Army has AMX-30 tanks, AMX-13 APCs and even some Scorpion, Samson, Sultans and Samaritans!!

    The AF has a small number of modern Su-30MK Flankers plus some fairly antiquated F-16As and Mirage III. How good they are at operating them however is questionable.

  11. Was there not a story a couple of months back that went some way to show the "strength" of the so called alliance between Chavez and FARC?
    Something about him being matey with FARC & organising the release of hostages and supplying some helicopters to go in and pick them up from the jungle in an attempt to show the world what a thoroughly jolly nice chap he was, whilst at the same time thumbing his nose at the Colombian government and (most importantly) the US for not being able to do it themselves.
    If memory serves, he got completely ignored and was left standing on a heli-pad waiting for a phone call to say what to do next.

    This latest thing sounds like him just trying to get yet more attention from the world media for effectively doing f*ck all, under the banner of South American solidarity in the face of capitalist/western intervention.
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    The mans barking and blustering for the home audience. Not sure why he thinks the FARC are nice people but then he is an idiot.
  13. A couple of years ago he even rattled his (plastic) sabre at the Dutch with regards to the Dutch Antilles, saying that they were really Venezuelan and that he wanted them back.

    I believe the Dutch politely ignored him, although it would not have surprised me if one of the Dutch diesel electric submarines went down there for a bit of "vacation".

    The man is, frankly, an ass, and it really seems to bother him (and his leftist chums in the West) that America does not take him seriously or even particularly care what he gets up to, hence the constant willy waving. They don't think that he is as big a man as he thinks he is!
  14. He eventually sorted out the release of 2 hostages just after Christmas. I think Chavez is an interesting lad, but like something from the pages of a Gabriel García Márquez novel (i.e. in fantasy land). I like the fact that he is releasing some of his country's resources to better the bulk of the population, but dislike his meddling in Peru/Bolivia/Chile/Colombia/Caribbean politics. What is clear that he is so deep with the FARC that he sees a successful attack on them as an attack on him.

    The origin of his latest outrage is that the Colombians slotted a FARC commander (Raul Reyes) in an established FARC camp just over the border in Ecuador. Chavez has warned that any similar attacks in Venezuela will lead to war - is this an admission that he is supporting the FARC in Colombia?

    It could go badly for the Colombians if they have to fight FARC, Venezuela and Ecuador....

    However, maybe if Brazil come in, we might get a more balanced scrap :twisted:

    One for the fantasy war thread?
  15. Actually Chavez is often underestimated, he's not much as an arrse as people think.
    He has supplied more oil to Cuba than the Russians ever did during the cold war and has kept the Cuban economy afloat, he has also used oil to buy influence across South America and has successfully nationalised key sectors of the economy. He also used influence to secure the release of FARC held hostages.
    He is well aware that the US are his largest customers but as leader of OPEC he successfully raised the price of oil and used the revenues to increase military spending.
    He has also managed to successfully stifle democratic opposition and press within Venezuela and is slowly increasing his grip on power.
    He plays at this buffon thing with his Sunday show of "Ola Mr Presidente" but he is very astute and politically canny. He has survived CIA attempts to overthrow him already.
    Underestimate him at your peril (well if you live in South America or have interests there!)