Venezeula Buys Oil From Russia

tomahawk6 said:

I suspect that there is plenty of oil, just alot of inefficiencies by the state owned oil company. I wouldnt discount nationalizing foreign owned oil interests as they have done with certain large land holders. Bolivia went that route recently.
Of course Venezuelan oil output fell 60%. Chavez supports his lefty friends. But

The Ruhr Oel refinery in Germany, in which PDVSA [Petroleos de Venezuela] has a 50 percent stake, may be among the clients that are being supplied with the Russian oil.
It is a profitable operation: to buy Russian oil to close European contracts and to sell remaining oil in USA. Soviet Union used the same scheme. Iraqi oil was baught to close Indian contracts while Soviet oil was sold in Europe.
A very good friend of mine visits Venezuela frequently, his assessment is that Chavez is a facist thug who is cozying up to people like Castro to give himself some sort of credibility. Be careful about doing business with people who play by very differant rules.
mushroom said:
A very good friend of mine visits Venezuela frequently, his assessment is that Chavez is a facist thug who is cozying up to people like Castro to give himself some sort of credibility. Be careful about doing business with people who play by very different rules.

Now Russia is a cinical capitalist state and ready to sell anything (oil, weapons) even to the devil himself. Previously Soviet Union used different rules (but surprisingly the result is the same).
The Sovs used to give the stuff away to their client states, kept 'em sweet. At least you now have the sense to sell, but honestly don't trust Chavez. His rise and method of operation is very similar to Hitler. Win an election by appealing to the politically naive and the xenophobic and then bring in a police state whilst appeasing the electorate. Once the police state is up and running - do what the hell you want and send any dissenters to the camps.


Britain's Communists welcomed the proposed visit of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez to London in mid-May, and congratulated Bolivian president Evo Morales on his decision to place his country's energy resources under majority state ownership.

shouldn't blair or the queen greet him?

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edited to add: According to the Guardian, he'll meet MPs, unions, prospective investors and Ken Livingstone.

the G paper link
Most disturbing thread, KGB man admitting Rooshin purches from friend Sadom ( well some got shafted up the rear).
And Herr Chavez is losing serious production which must be bad, very bad for our US cousins.
Wants to be quick to dispose of his US assets as soon King George will have quitely reduced their value. Suggest he gets paid in HARD currancy.
Things are definitely deteriorating here. He is now wanting to increase tax on oil companies to 50% in the Orinoco region and believes the oil companies owe billions in back taxes to the country.
Elections at the end of this year, general opinion seems to be he will win although there is another serious contender, corruption is rife. The EU sent a delegation to monitor the 'local' elections before Xmas but all the opposition candidates decided to throw the towel in, in protest at said election corruption so his party won all seats hands down. I'm informed from various locals that the general populace in Caracas wont tolerate him winning another term so are expecting demos increasing towards the end of the year and many more if he wins.
There were a few over Easter after the police shot and killed a well-respected journo in the street at a peaceful demo. The demo was about recent police brutality as the police were implicated in a triple murder of the two children of a foreign national and their driver.
It gets pretty hairy sometimes and you can feel the tension in the air.
Seems a lot of Latin America is turning to the left though and the countries are hoing to form their own continental free trade zone to cut down dependance on exporting/importing to/from US.
The odd thing is Chavez is soooo anti-yank, preaching to his people about the evil shaved monkey and America as a whole. But the general population love all things American. All social trends are derived from America, baseball is the national game - they model themselves on Americans and you could almost believe that the REAL capital of Venezuela and many other Latin American countries is none other than Miami.

(I'm no expert and any or all of the above may be entirely wrong - just what I hearthrough the grapevine so dont shoot me down if you know better please : ) Thanks )
Ah yes King George's Raqi adventure has caused him to take his eye off his backyard and all the downtrodden mass are slowly revolting. A red south then the meat axes take California and maybe in his later years Georgei boy can get sum real military service in at Alamo II (The Enchalada Strikes Back).

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