Venerable Order of Saint John

Discussion in 'Medals' started by sunami, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. Not sure about the Gazette, but you most certainly get a nice scroll signed by the Queen for your wall and it is registered at St John Gate, Clerkenwells, London. I believe it is possible to do a search through their records if you are trying to out a polo dealing angel of death.

    My fathers name is not listed in the Gazette for the above award, nor for his Knight of the Order of St John.
  2. Long story short is my ex is shacked up with a bog-trotter who has been larging it up on a couple of reunion websites saying that he was at Mrs Windsor's pad last year being awarded the above. Of course I emailed him to congratulate but said that I couldn't understand why it wasn't listed in the Gazette & was it an error. All of a sudden he's dropped off the radar & his profile has been removed from the sites.

    I've trawled through 30 odd pages of the Gazette & he certainly isn't listed for the period he claims 2010/11. Later this year I'm going to the Uni reunion & I know for a fact they will be attending so I thought I'd dot the i's & cross the t's before I publically called him a cnut.

    It's a shame really as the ex has very impressive norks & if Mr W had seen them he would have been well chuffed. :)
  3. Is it because you think he's a walt, or because he's with your ex? I wouldn't want either of them to know it bothered me this much.
  4. There's a bit of history behind this, suffice to say I just like to call him a cnut whenever the opportunity arises.
  5. Then just let THEM know, that YOU know. if you out him publicly, it will be seen as "sour grapes" and as most civvies don't give a f**k about decorations/walts you'll be the bad guy and he'll get the sympathy vote.
  6. Gazetted - yes absolutely.
    Presented by Her Majesty - NOPE!!!

    Although it is an order of chivalry it is the lowest of them and its knights are not "Sir" unlike any other order of chivalry. The reason for gazetting is that it is a recognised decoration which is authorised to be worn in uniform by the Queen, the reason it is not presented by the Queen is that the nominations are made throught the order and it is "closed" in that not anyone can nominate any individual nor can any individual be nominated.

    In short he appears to be a lying Walt!!!

    Good luck with his outing.

    (p.s. If you contact the order of St John England (as that where I assume you are) they will confirm / deny his membership of the order for you.)
  7. Thanks for the info. I've emailed St Johns with the relevant details & asked if they can assist. :)
  8. One thing I did find suspicious tho' was the fact that there was no mention of it on his brigades own website nor in the local rag given the fact that it was a 'local lad did good' story.
  9. I had a Drummer who was KStJ, decoration worn around the neck, his son was his squire and had his own medal (black ribbon) for which he'd had to work in OStJ matters.
  10. A bog trotter??????
  11. You mean to say you've never heard of that quaint old idiom?
  12. Actually, it was my way of trying to identify if I might know the person! The name does not relate to their trade then?
  13. He's a retired teacher who spends his time potholing and researching Northumbrian mining history.

    I say retired teacher, I think he just couldn't hack it.