Vending machine offers DIY banners

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by gron294, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. Read this one about a vending machine that prints out your own banner at Schipol Airport .....

    any suggestions for possible banners that could be printed .....
  2. Yep.

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  3. This thread doesn't seem to be going as planned.

    That's not a poster suggestion either.
  4. "It's called Schiphol Airport".

    "Duty Free This Way >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>".
  5. Very cunning! Send them off one way when we know that the Duty Free is actually that way <<<<<<<<<<
  6. I have just had a most humongous shit.
  7. Piss Wizzard

    Hitlers Cock

    Spunk Drinking Festival

    Trumpet Cunt

    Red Idiot Shed Fiddler - (Christmas themed)

    Hot Cancer

    Just a few suggestions, feel free to use any.
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  8. Did you say spunk drinking festival? Do you want to be my best friend?
  9. Vending Machine Broken
  10. A bowl filler?
  11. WARNING - Shite Thread?!
  12. I'm sure I could manage a few glasses, as long as it was still warm. Not sure I could deal with a festival of it though. Saying that, it depends on whose it is I suppose. I could manage a weekend of milking One Direction I should imagine.
  13. More like a long ffrench loaf, but not as crusty and a different colour.
  14. Cool I'm free next weekend. Drinks in London mwah.
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