Vendetta Against Blood Bikes?


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Now, this is single source, but worth reading. I've dropped the Devon and Cornwall PCC a note asking, essentially, WTF and the tone of the response I received suggests that there is an interview without coffee for the Chief Constable and the local CPS pending: Volunteer Rider Found Not Guilty


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I would be interested to see the response from D&C police - doesn't sound like MPC Oliver is of a good character

And yet, from a week ago...

Mending fences....?


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All evidence points to the fact that MPC Oliver is a power-hungry bellthronk. One wonders what was going through the fool's mind.


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I'm sure the idiot cop is going to learn to live with having a new ársehole ripped.
What rank is 'MPC'? Never heard of it.
Copper sounds like a full strength wide bore douche nozzle

I think he may be one of those “Walt hunters” who has a boner for non emergency services with lights and sirens, the filthy rotters

I presume a straight thinking adult has put their size elevens firmly in his in tray reference his wee obsession

Wrt Devon magistrates, they treated me very fairly after my 125mph double white line bike overtaking many years ago
he sounds like the sort of guy who wants to join the police but doesn't want to do any policing? same as the one's who join and wants a transfer to the dog section /horses or what other handy number there is. "motorcycle cop" what is the point of them anyway?
Interestingly this could have been avoided if the nuffield in Plymouth set up a arrangement with Derriford hospital opposite (literally cross the road) to get surgical sets from them in a crisis (life limb eyesight etc). Would have been possible to walk the sets across in 10mins Max.
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