Vendee Globe Finish.


Jean Le Cam picked up Kevin Escoffier and continued his course stopping only to rendezvous with a French Frigate. Kevin did not assist but was a passenger.

The ship took Kevin aboard and compensated Jean with some food to replace that which was consumed by Kevin. All four sailors who took part in the rescue mission as requested by the Race Director were given time compensation. Jean Le Cam had 18 hours which took him from finishing 8th to 4th place. Yannick Bestaven was the sailor whose time compensation led to his win over the first over the line, Charlie Dalin.
Wow, thanks for the quick reply EM, he was a lucky boy that Jean was such a good competitor, I can't even start to imagine what Kevin was thinking as his boat foundered. An interesting set of rescue protocols, thanks for the information.
Wow, thanks for the quick reply EM, he was a lucky boy that Jean was such a good competitor, I can't even start to imagine what Kevin was thinking as his boat foundered. An interesting set of rescue protocols, thanks for the information.
Kevin said he was quite certain of rescue when he was in his liferaft. Getting his raft and go bag was the struggle when the boat was folding in half. IMOCA have taken on his anecdotal evidence of the difficulty in reaching the kit and releasing it. He had to cut it away with a knife if I remember correctly. This will inform their future strategies as safety is a top priority. Sailors have been penalised for losing safety equipment which cost them time in the race. Jean Le Cam seems to have remained calm in his capsized hull in a previous race. He was rescued that time after 16 hours by the very yacht that capsized in this Vendee Globe.
Vendee Globe - Miranda Merron the finish - LIVE NOW video

Miranda is going well at over 11 kts in 3m waves. She has a line of attack that should go straight over the finishing line. Nice. ETA - She's done it. :thumright: However, as expected, the passage to the harbour will have to wait until Thursday morning. She will wait out with her partner and friends/support team.

Here is the link. Not for the first time I had to hunt for it. The live broadcast should start around 2215:
Starts at +3m 30s
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Do we have any positions on Isabelle and Sam?

I'm wondering if the U.K is in a position to have the distinction of being the 1st to retire and the last to circumnavigate.
Do we have any positions on Isabelle and Sam?

I'm wondering if the U.K is in a position to have the distinction of being the 1st to retire and the last to circumnavigate.
I'm just watching the last part of the video and waiting for the 1100 positions before posting.

No, how could that be?
Vendee Globe - Cousin was expected Saturday but so is a storm. Miranda Merron press conference.

Manuel Cousin is close to Biscay but a storm is approaching from the West. We have seen other boats wait it out in his current location but that location is going to get hammered, so unless he was in the lee of the winds, the best option seems to me to head in to the bay. However it looks like he is waiting it out as he is barely moving. An interesting decision if that's the case. Is he choosing to surf? If so he would have to use minimal sails to avoid stressing the keel. This may explain the lack of forward progress.


Isabelle Joschke and Sam Davies should be properly out of the thin winds in the next 12 hours or so, giving them a much needed passage Westwards, South of the depression that is heading for Manu Cousin. Alexia Barrier is managing to get the most out of what little wind there is as she follows them. This looks promising for her. We will have to wait a little longer to see how Ari Huusela transits the high pressure area but in the past his sails have not seemed quite so efficient as others.

First the current map then the 12 hourly projections:


You can see the forecast projections below at +12, +24, +36 and +48 Hrs.



Miranda tells of how she held back from sailing harder as the boat was uninsured. This illustrates just how tight a budget she was working with.

'Incredible, Extraordinary' Miranda Merron at her Press Conference​




Source: News - 'Incredible, Extraordinary' Miranda Merron at her Press Conference - Vendée Globe - En

No need for a translator since Miranda is fluent in French and obviously English, other than the translation of Andi Robertson's questions in to French by the official translator. There is another career if she wanted it. Andi speaks French too which was much appreciated during the race coverage.

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Vendee Globe - Manuel Cousin progress. Video update from Ari Huusela.

Latest update from Manu today suggested that his plan is to pass Cape Finistere tonight and in to the Bay of Biscay. That is what I thought he probably should do. I'm curious then as to the near standstill in good winds this morning. Perhaps the 1400 update (see below) will make things clearer. The post references the video posted yesterday, further up this thread.


Une arrivée qui se précise pour Manuel Cousin - Groupe Sétin Voile

ETA - Manuel has increased speed a bit and altered course. He appears to be heading for the Cape Finistere coastline. That makes sense. Good that he is making progress again.

Meanwhile, Isabelle Joschke and Sam Davies are in the winds with 12+ kts. Excellent. This is much better for them now and should be something of a relief after much frustration. Alexia Barrier's boat is understandably moving at below walking pace as she transitions the almost windless high pressure zone. This is something Ari Huusela was contemplating this morning as he figyured in the delays and revised his ETA to 5th March.


Ari has revised his ETA to 5th March due to the flat winds and squalls ahead.
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Vendee Globe - Manuel Cousin progress. Sebastien Destreau updates.

Interestingly, since he passed the longitude of the Azores, Manuel Cousin seems to have taken broadly the same course up the Atlantic as he did down it. If I got this right, of the 22 finishers so far, 9 took that coastal route, East of the Finisterre TSS/DST*, once but none took it in both directions. The sight of land should give him a boost. The waves are down to 3m and his speed is up to 13.3 kts with 11.1 kts over 4 hours which is much better. I think he was about 20 nm off of Fisterra in the plot below. Nothing on AIS initially though.

*Cape Finisterre TSS (Traffic Separation Scheme no go area)

Then I looked on Vessel Finder and found Manuel's boat.

Latest VG tracker map with 1800 overlay below. Nothing really new in the other positions.

Latest rankings:

Now lets have a look at how Sebasien Destremau is getting on in New Zealand.


Link to original post, with photos. The contrast in social distancing really highlights what we used to take for granted! Wow! 1ère conférence de Sébastien en Nouvelle Zélande. - Merci avec Sébastien Destremau


fin de vie de la casquette - Merci avec Sébastien Destremau
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Vendee Globe - Manuel Cousin is on track for a Saturday arrival. Ari Huusela starting to long for land.



Isabelle Joschke (highlighted) leads Sam Davies as the pair make their way North East towards the Azores.
More from Sam in article below. Alexia Barrier somehow found what winds there were in the high pressure zone and is almost out of it. I'm impressed as she made it look easy. Ari Huusela has reached the high pressure zone now, though it may not be so generous with winds as it was for Alexia. Again I wonder about sail choices and of course Sargasso weeds on Ari's boat. 7kts is okay for now. I hope he gets 7kts or better all the way across.


Ari Huusela: “I feel like this is the never ending story.'​


Source: News - Ari Huusela: “I feel like this is the never ending story.' - Vendée Globe - En


Sam Davies 'Super Proud of Miranda'​


Source: News - Sam Davies 'Super Proud of Miranda' - Vendée Globe - En
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Vendee Globe - Latests ETA estimate for Manuel Cousin, Isabelle Joschke and Sam Davies.

Friday evening update from VG includes the following arrival estimates. Also, good news for Ari and Stark.

Manuel Cousin - Saturday 0500 -1000
Isabelle Joschke - Tuesday
Sam Davies - Tuesday


Back to Land, Next Is Manu Cousin​



Source: News - Back to Land, Next Is Manu Cousin - Vendée Globe - En

Here are the five skippers in order. Manuel, Isabelle, Sam, Alexia and Ari. Manuel is managing over 10 kts in 4m waves. Ex competitors Isabelle and Sam are both doing around 13 kts. Now well out of the high pressure zone, Alexia is making over 11.5 kts. Ari has managed just over 7 kts in the sparse winds of the high pressure zone. It shows no sign of dissolving or moving away so he just needs to keep plugging away, using every bit of wind he can find to get across. The frustrating thing is that as he makes progress towards a promising area the winds are forecast to lighten there before they return briefly. That's just going by the VG wind overlays which are useful but no guarantee of what he will actually encounter.


The sponsorship award for Stark and Ari Huusela illustrates the benefits of sponsoring skippers in activities such as the Vendee Globe, particularly in an episode where the communication technology has really brought the sport to prominence. Of course without sponsors there would be no race. The following is a translation of the Finnish article. You can view the original along with photos here: VUODEN SPONSOROINTITEKO & YLEISÖN SUOSIKKI | Ari Huusela Ocean Racing



Source: Stark

Sponsorship and Events Awards - categories and winners:
Awards voittajat ovat selvillä!
Vendee Globe - Manuel Cousin could cross finish shortly after 0800 - arrived before 0800

Just a brief update. With the wind overlay turned off you can see two radii. Within the outer radius, the positions are updated every 30 minutes. Within the inner radius the positions are updated every 5 minutes. At 0030, Manuel was doing 10.1 kts and had 78.1 nm to sail.


Here are the 2100 positions. Note that the earliest wind overlays are 3 hours later though at 0000 Saturday. Spot speeds were as follows: Isabelle 16.1 kts; Sam 13.2 kts; Alexia 15.0 kts; Ari 7.7 kts.




ETA - well I got that wrong. Well done to Manuel.
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Vendee Globe - Manuel Cousin completes race in 23rd - Live ascent of the chanel + VG article

23 Manuel COUSIN
NoArrival date: 20/02/2021 07:35:40Race time: 103d 18h 15m 40s

I was expecting Manuel to cross the line shortly after 0800 but he went faster of course and arrived 25 minutes earlier than that. He couldn't wait to get back. He is very happy! That must have been the biggest champagne fountain we have seen at a finish so far.

Coverage of the finish starts at +6m 30s
Coverage of the passage up the channel to the quayside starts at +1hr 14m 0s
The outdoor cameras are a bit shaky today. Translators audio was a bit iffy at times.

Press conference to follow at some point. Next arrivals will be Isabelle Joschke and Sam Davies on Tuesday (TBC). Next arrivals still in the race will be Alexia Barrier and Ari Huusela.


Manuel Cousin (Groupe SÉTIN) is 23rd in the Vendée Globe​




Source: News - Manuel Cousin (Groupe SETIN) is 23rd in the Vendée Globe - Vendée Globe - En
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Vendee Globe 1100 update

It will be interesting how VG choose to cover the retirees from the race who are completing their circumnavigations. Two of these are due to finish early next week, before the last two boats still officially in the race. A third retiree, Sebastien Destremau has yet to set sail from New Zealand. I expect there will be a reception from Les Sables d'Ollone. Whether a representative from VG or IMOCA will be there I have no idea.

Isabelle Joschke and Sam Davies are both making over 12 kts, due South of the Azores and pointing towards Cape Finisterre. Alexia Barrier has essentially the same course. Her 24 hour average has been over 12 kts.


Ari Huusela's speed dropped to around 3 kts in the calms but seems to be picking up a little, though the nearest edge of the system is teasing him and is forecast to move North and West. If he stayed put there might be something in three days but for now he just needs to keep trying to make any progress he can.
The boat is a it big to use oars and start rowing and the rudder system is not designed to be waggled for propulsion.



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