Vendee Globe 2024-2025

Vendee Globe 2024 -2025

The Vendee Globe (VG) is a solo yacht race around the worlds oceans, completing the equivalent of a circumnavigation, in around three to four months. It is held every four years. We followed the 2020-21 race which seemed popular, though perhaps some of that was a result of lockdown. Preparations have already started for 2024-2025. The purpose of this thread is to follow these preparations, some related events along the way and ultimately the race itself.

I'm not making any promises to do the same as last year but at least we can make a start. The thread is open for discussion and relevant posts.

British sailor Pip Hare's route in the 2020-2021 VG is shown below.


Alex Thomson had to drop out due to structural problems. Samantha Davies boat struck an underwater object, causing her to be thrown forward, breaking a rib. She was able after repairs to complete the circumnavigation, though not the official race. The rules are strict. No outside help, except for emergencies.

Kevin Escoffier's boat suffered a catastrophic failure South of Cape town. He had seconds to grab his survival bag and activate his EPIRB. The race directors initiated a search by the nearest IMOCAs to Kevin. This was far from easy in the conditions. No sooner had Jean Le Cam found Kevin than his liferaft vanished. Kevin later said that he never had doubts that he would be saved. Mental toughness runs through this race from preparation to the very finish.

Pip Hare showed that she had a whole lot of toughness and determination. There was a point where a rudder failure threatened to finish her race but Pip had trained for this eventuality. Nevertheless changing a rudder in very marginal conditions in the Pacific Ocean is a very different proposition from changing it on a berthed yacht. This fortitude gained the immense respect and admiration of Jean Le Cam who was there at Les Sables d'Olone to welcome her as she arrived at Les Sables d'Olone.

If you missed that race you can read about it or virtually relive it here:

In the next post I will focus on Pip Hare and her preparations. Pip has determined to break the mould and to be as open as she can about the process, to the point of allowing visitors to look at her yacht. She wants to encourage the next generation of sailors.
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Vendee Globe 2024-5 - Pip Hare - Preparations and Seawolves interview

In the lead up to last year Pip Hare was working hard to towards her goal of competing in the 2020-2021 Vendee Globe. She had no boat and no sponsor until a few months before the race started. Her aim was never to finish first but to complete the race and advance her knowledge and experience. Pip's sponsor, Medallia, was so thrilled with Pip's performance and the publicity she had generated, for them and for the race, that the CEO offered to buy her a boat for 2024-5. The previous boat had been leased.

This boat is Louis Burton's 2016 IMOCA Bureau Vallee 2 which finished third in 2021. It will be renamed Medallia. Prior to hand over, Louis invited Pip to crew in his new Burea Vallee 3, in a new race, the Ocean Race Europe, where two classes of yachts, VO65s and IMOCA 60s, competed against each other for the first time. This was an unmissable opportunity for Pip to become acquainted with foils and to learn from others.


If you missed that race you can catch up with it here:

Sharing the cabin was a bit hard to get used to after nine months solo around the world but also because the boat is optimised for solo sailing. This has now given her experience with a state of the art, foiled IMOCA 60, a boat incidentally which she will be competing against. When we saw Pip during the first leg of Ocean Race Europe she was looking serious. There was a lot to take in both in the differences in foiled sailing and in crewed rather than solo IMOCA sailing. Later in the race she reported that she was really enjoying it, despite the team being further back in the race. This signals that she has gained knowledge and confidence, adapting from an unfoiled 20 year old IMOCA to a much newer foiled IMOCA.

There will be a hand over of Bureau Vallee 2 with Louis Burton. His team are keen to work with Medallia in this regard. It's nice to have this kind of co-operation in sport. Due to injury and fitness issues her annual three peaks race, a feat of incredible stamina, was in some doubt this year, so the focus, as I understand it is to focus on the preparation for VG 2024-5, including races which count towards qualifying.

Florian Rooz, of YouTube channel SeaWolves, sailed in a VO65 in the Northern European / Baltic prelude to this race. It was clear that there was enthusiasm in these countries for ocean racing which bodes well for the sport. Florian recently posted a fantastic interview he had with Pip.

Sea Wolves - Interviewing Pip Hare - The new IMOCA - The ocean race - Vendee Globe plans and more!!​

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Hope the organisers have appropriate insurance and rescue services available so that my taxes don't have to cover your wilful stupity, again.
Wilfully sailing solo through inhospitable remote areas. Perhaps you should do some research.
The Vendee Globe is not financed by taxes. If you followed last years events you would be aware that the sailors rescued each other. Perhaps you should do some research?

There are members and former members of 45 Commando currently rowing across the Atlantic just now. Should they stay at home too? Ocean Revival 2020 – 3700 mile Atlantic Row
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The Vendee Globe is not financed by taxes. If you followed last years events you would be aware that the sailors rescued each other. Perhaps you should do some research?

I didn't say it was financed by taxes. My post was clearly about insurance and rescue services. Perhaps you could take comprehension lessons.
Not forgetting wilfully ignoring the rather important Rule 5 of IRPCS.

Questionable Legality​

The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS) is the international agreement between 168 UN member nations forming the 'rules-of-the-road' to be followed by ships and other vessels at sea. Any citizen of a signing nation is bound by these rules when in international waters. As they pertain to single-handed sailing:

Rule #1(a) -- These Rules shall apply to all vessels upon the high seas and in all waters connected therewith navigable by seagoing vessels.

Rule #5 -- Every vessel must at all times keep a proper look-out by sight, hearing, and all available means in order to judge if risk of collision exists.

Circumvented perhaps - Not ignored.

Since a single-handed, long-distance sailor will need to sleep at some point, the activity is in violation of international law. Currently there is no evidence of authorities pro-actively enforcing the look-out rule on non-commercial craft. However, in the event of an incident at sea, if the master of a vessel is found to have violated one or more COLREGS, they may be found completely liable for the costs of rescue efforts, property damages or loss, loss of income, salvage costs, environmental cleanup costs, and so on. In the event of loss of life, criminal gross negligence charges are possible.

One of the greatest challenges facing a lone sailor is managing the need to sleep, since a good watch must be kept at all times while at sea. Many single-handers use the technique of napping for 15 to 20 minutes at a time,[citation needed] using a timer to wake them up for periodic look-arounds; with the relatively slow speed of a sailboat, this allows most hazards to be seen in time. Again the challenge is greater for racers, given their higher speeds and more intense activity, and some racers[who?] have carried out considerable research into getting the maximum benefit from short cat-naps. Especially for racing, often routes are chosen that stay away from land, shallow areas and busy shipping routes.

In recent years the Automatic Identification System has become available to non-commercial shipping, providing advance warning of collision risks.

Insurance is compulsary for IMOCA Class Solo Racing.
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Hope the organisers have appropriate insurance and rescue services available so that my taxes don't have to cover your wilful stupity, again.
Wilfully sailing solo through inhospitable remote areas. Perhaps you should do some research.

You really are a sanctimonious and miserable person aren't you?

Every thread I see you on has you making snide comments.
Vendee Globe 2024-5 - Pip Hare - Preparations update

1. A quick teaser of what the new Medallia (formerly Bureau Vallee 2) looks like. Fantastic!

2. Pip explains that she is a bit gutted about missing the Fastnet but the boat wasn't ready. (It's essential to do the preparation work properly rather than prioritise racing opportunities). Next she gives us a commentary aboard at sea. This is their fourth time with the boat in the water.

I see there is still no rescue plan or race insurance. Some won't even insure their own yacht. These selfish people have no regard for those who are put at risk trying to rescue them.

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