Velodrome Tips please!

Afternoon All,

I have my first ever velodrome cycle this weekend and was wondering if anyone has any experience or tips they would like to share so I don’t kill myself, or anyone else?

Thanks in advance,

I really don't know what advice to offer. It looks fun, I hope to give a go one day. Are you a cyclist or have you just been watching the Olympics?
I'm jealous, this is something i would like to do at some point, although it does look very scary.

I've just began road cycling so it is a while off yet. It probably has alot to do with the success of Chris Hoy at the Olympics.
My Wahometer is tingling there choccy frog ;o)

Been several times

DO - pedal harder going into the bend, its like riding uphill
listen to the coach
keep your hands relaxed on the bars (my first three laps I had a vice like death grip)
expect to be absolutely fecked after an hour
make sure you're on the right size bike
take your own shoes if you've got compatible ones.

DONT - stop pedalling as you come off the bank (it feels like you've just come over the crest of a hill, natural instinct is to ease up, you will get a boot up the arrse as the rear wheel kicks)
look down when you're up at the top of the bank - focus on the lines
forget to take cycling gloves

Have fun, its fecking great - where you doing it?
Holy crap my legs/back/arms hurt today...but I'm still alive!

Never the less I would go straight back on it! Yesterday was the most fun I have had on a bike in a long time - I would highly recommend a velodrome! We did individual sprints, pursuits (500m and 2K), a 5k race and the devil (last man each lap is out).

It was at the Meadowbank velodrome, the steepest in Europe apparently, that’s was good to know on my first outing!

To anyone thinking about it, it’s pretty weird using a velodrome bike. The fixed gear means you can’t free wheel, and having had the ability to do that for 27 years, suddenly trying not to is pretty difficult. The bike does remind you that you cant though, with a swift kick up the arrse!

Labrat – I was breathing out my arrse within about 40mins…and that was just warming up!

Poolcue - I've not been road biking that long, just jump on a track, its all about the confidence...there is nowhere to hide!

Taff - Correct!

5.56mm - I’ve been cycling for a club for a couple of months and they were holding their annual track champs so I went along for the banter.

Thanks for the advice from all.


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