Velcro Union Jack Flag patches...


Down here we have velcro Australian flag patches which sit on our DPCU uniforms.

I was wondering whether there is a UK equivalent in subdued colours that i could get hold of/buy off anybody.

Just want to play up my love of the 'Mother Country' and 'Soldier of the Empire' image by wearing one in the field :p

PM me or email me if you can help.


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Why would anyone need a 'brown tone' Union Flag for their Dessies? If the enemy is close enough to make out your tiny little full colour badge, then having one in dessie colours ain't going to help much.

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Ozduke you after the aussie ones or UK ones ?

I've been issued 2 Australian ones, just want a union jack to raise some eyebrows.

@Last question,

Its not for Descams, its for standard aussie DPCU, but bright colours stand out like dogs balls in the green of the Australian bush.
I ordered 2 from the other day - pretty easy to do online. They are happy to post out here, no VAT but a bit more for P&P. Cost me about 8 quid.
The Terraine flags are about 6x3.5mm, whereas Stewart's do an olive subdued patch that's a bit larger. I had a small batch of these made up a few years ago and Stewart's thought it was a good idea and so produced them. They're about 8x4.5mm and are of better quality than the other contenders. I was going to suggest Stewart's did their large version in desert, but Terraine's beat them to it - albeit in smaller size. They do look better than the issue flag though - especially on growbags. Not impressed with Flek's efforts.

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