Velcro for TRFs

Can you get the velcro in the right colours?

A bit 3D, isn't it?
And you run the risk of looking like a spam pilot who's taken his badges off the be "Tactical"

Oh and you're muckers continually turning them upside down just before a parade.
The thing we have to face upto here is that TRF's are here to stay.

whipping them off in the field or out of sight of seniors is just pointless and defeats the object of why they are in place.

I am as much apalled by the boy scout army we have as the next guy but this is something that we are just going to have to live with.

I do think that not enough is done to introduce the different TRF's to us, some of the ones on the army website (can't seem to find the link) was wrong. Which helps!

TRF Rec - A future ITD/MATTS Thingymabob? oh dear!
PaddyRAC said:
The thing we have to face upto here is that TRF's are here to stay.
I bet the T stands for "transient." Give it another two years...
Like everyone else, I've got my 4 but being the stupid skinny REME ones they are as much use as t1ts on fish. As per everyone else I've got more kit than TRF, so, I looked at the velcro option as I have a roll of the stuff in my attic but its too wide for mine and I then thought it would look a bit on the Yank poser/walt side so decided against it.

The velcro I have is through the system and so should be easy enough to get hold of, its also the same width as most TRF so would do a good job, fuzzy soft bit on kit, rough scratchy stuff on TRF.

Thing is, what would the C/S/TSM's view be if you tipped up and had forgotten to put the TRF on and just had a bare patch of nice soft fuzzy velcro on your kit?

It would though, save wear n tear on TRF as we all know how long C95 lasts between exchanges and you wouldn't need to keep ripping 'em off and stiching 'em back on.........
Well it was just a thought.

Since you genrally get issued with just about enugh to put onto on.

Unless you procure some like i did

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