Velcro backed name tapes in OG.

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by polar69, Oct 28, 2012.

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  1. Right, I dont like it but my Corps dress policy includes name tapes on MTP in OG, get over it - I have.

    Problem is I can't find a supplierthat does OG name tapes with a velcro backing.

    I've found digicam, mtp and all sorts of weird and wonderful cam patterns but no simple OG.

    Can anyone suggest an online shop that does ? I've tried RvOps, Kitmonster and Thistribe and not been successfull.
  2. Wah shield deployed,

    Why not just buy the OG name tags, a roll of Velcro and sew/glue them together. Alternatively most unit tailors have Velcro on-site for just such dire emergencies.

    Wah shield retracted.
  3. No wah shield required. Dont have a unit tailor. I could sew velcro on the back of the badge but feel a badge with velco already applied by some choggie would be more proffesional looking.
  4. No unit tailor(ess), TA then? Most towns have a tailor shop, even if an add-on to a launderette place. HTH.
  5. Spur name tape. US but good.
  6. For such simple straight line stitching, get yourself a sewing machine off ebay. I picked up an old 1941 hand cranked singer 99 that will stitch through 10 layers of demin, leather, all sorts of stuff. So stitching velcro onto a nametape would be pretty simple. Once bought, you'll find loads of tasks for it, or you could even become the unit talior.
  7. Is pushing a needle loaded with thread through a couple of millimeters of material that difficult?
  8. So why not just stitch them on? why the velcro?
  9. Incase he changes his name.
  10. Prob only issued three and too tight to pay for more!
  11. I bought some Velcro from Tesco, sewn that on the back of the name tag, sewn some on the shirt and voila. It is black though not OG but if you rip it off it nearly looks ally. Oh no that's right it doesn't.
  12. It's a sad day when a soldier can't operate a needle and thread competently.
  13. It's an even sadder day that:

    a) A soldier is being ordered to wear nametapes against the expressed orders of the CGS.


    b) Being forced to pay for the ******* things himself.
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  14. Because he's in the Royal Signals, a Corps with a large number of highly ranked shit ***** who have one purpose in life - to make up shite rules that go expressly against the orders of the CGS to make the men under their command look like the militant wing of the Boy Scouts.
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  15. I reckon a wag shield is an idea with a future
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