Veiled mesage for Christmas

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Andy_Caps_Commando, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. Cant wait! Smoked Salmon, Turkey, Christmas Pud and a Darth Vader impersonator on the telly spouting bollox
  2. Thats not her, that some one else.
  3. Don't you get it? "Alternative Queen"? It's obviously a Goth bloke in drag!
  4. Certain I will be missing that, but she does have the right to put her opinion over, but to not force it on others.
  5. Wow, she's bl00dy hot, hubba hubba :twisted:
  6. In the imortal words of Catherine Tait......

    What a load of sh1t!
  7. Empowering Muslim women my arrse!
  8. One more reason for me to spend Christmas Day supping the Christmas grog at my local
  9. Yet another pathetic attempt by Channel 4 to be controversial.

    Cack bl00dy cack !
  10. Can we stone her when she's done?
  11. Lets hope she's mentions Jehova!
  12. How do you know its a her Goku?? :wink:

    Speech will be followed by the big afternoon movie..


    Followed by the alternative, alternative message from Mandy

  13. I've even put out an extra chair for her....


    Now thats how to empower them!
  14. As Sgt Bilko would say of those marketing people at Channel 4... genius, GEENIIIIUS!