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I'm posting this here rather than the Photography forum as the problem I have is software or hardware related and maybe someone here can give advice.

I bought a Veho Gumball 3000 Special Edition Muvi HD Camcorder from Dixons at Gatwick enroute to Mexico on holiday. I also bought the underwater (rated to 30m) case so that I could use it when diving. Very impressed, no leaks, nice and small, easy to use. The footage plays back on the camera perfectly and seems to have recorded very well underwater and on land.

So, got home and tried to play back footage direct on the TV through the USB port. My TV couldn't find any compatable video although it did play back the few stills I had taken on the camera. Tried then to play back the footage on two different PCs, again through the USB port. Both computers played back in QuickTime but the footage freezes and 'flicks' through, not playing as a movie. Contacted Veho and they told me to first download the footage to the computers hard drive and then play through QuickTime. Same result. I even took QuickTime off both PCs and downloaded latest versions ... same result. Somebody suggested playing through iTunes but that didn't work either. Contacted Veho again and they asked for a small sample for analyse which I sent 10 days ago and haven't heard from them since. I did download a small sample to Facebook and that then works perfectly well, but I assume it is converted into a different file type?

The camera shoots only in .MOV so I suspect that I need to convert to AVI or WMV files to view on my computer? I downloaded a free converter but it failed as the footage is in HD and recommends that I buy the advanced software. Camera does not come with it's own software as it's plug and play and you are supposed to be able to play back in QuickTime. Can anyone advise as we really would like to view and edit our holiday movie, particularly the underwater footage that looks great on the camera but not easy to share on a 1" LCD screen! I don't mind buying software but I want to get the right converter (there seems to be a wide choice available) and also want software that will not only convert but allow me to edit the footage.

Sounds similar to a problem I had a while back with a different camera. Did you format the SD card in the camera before using it? Alternatively, before taking the camera on holiday, did you format the SD card on your computer?

In my case, the SD card had been pre-formatted to FAT32 which wasn't compatible with the camera. To try to rectify the problem, I re-formatted the card on my laptop using the default settings (also FAT32) and still had the problem that I could view the movie on the camera, but couldn't download it.

Finally sorted it by reformatting to FAT (witout the 32) on my laptop and just to be sure, formatted the card in the camera.

Since then, I've made a point of only copying from the card, not cutting and pasting, and only delete images by formatting in the camera.

I think I used Recuva to try to try to save what was on the card before re-formatting but this was of limited use - it cropped the bottom of still images and didn't do anything with the movies.
I've got the micro camcorder (Veho Website - Product Detail) which automatically records onto a micro sd card in AVI format - so no need to convert.

You could try using Super for conversion of your files (SUPER © - Media File Converter, Media File Encoder, Video Player, Audio Player, Media Player), it will do pretty much any file to any other file, and once you have converted to AVI, MPEG, WMV or whatever, you can then use windows movie maker to edit.
Downloaded this and it converted the file to WMV and saved it but when I open it I get this message:

Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file. For additional assistance, click Web Help.
While I remember - a lot of the MUVI forums talk about movies 'jumping/skipping' and recommend purchasing a high quality SD card to replace the standard that comes with it.
Thanks, will look into that, But the problem is how do I save and convert the video I have already taken?
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