Vehicular Indecision

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by k13eod, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. Need to make a decison on car purchase and have absolutely no idea what I/we want. The current (joint) fleet stands at:

    1 x Jaguar XJS (1994)
    1 x Ford Focus (2000)
    1 x Toyota RAV4 (1996)
    1 x Suzuki GS1000 (can't remember the age but it's got three wheels)
    1 x 15' Dory

    Now, the boat, the Jag and the trike are MY toys and they have to stay (although the trike might get sold and a new one bought). The indecision comes regarding the Focus and the RAV. Mizz K13 owns the Focus and would like to get rid as its the Millenium addition, 1.8, and a bit of a guzzler. She would like to retain the RAV which is also a bit thirsty. Sooooo ...

    What car would you recommend if we just got rid of the Focus bearing in mind we would like something economical (petrol up here in the Northern Isles is about 20p a litre more expensive than the mainland), we are both tall, I'm a spacker (need lots of room around the clutch) and we would retain the RAV for the Nordic winters?

    Or ... if we got rid of the Focus AND the RAV, what would you recommend bearing in mind it would need to be 4x4 and economical (Don't bother to suggest Landrover ... it's the one manual car I can't physically drive)? I'm thinking maybe Skoda Yeti or KIA Sportage (awaits insults). Help needed!

    (No doubt His Grace TID will be along shortly to suggest that I fit the Jag with a wood burning stove and Lister engine and that I remove the rear wheels from the trike and link it up to a wood saw ....)
  2. MINI UK
    Now one of the female GP's at work has got herself a 4x4 Mini, looks a fair bit bigger than the normal sized ones. Perfect for a woman, no idea of the cost.
  3. They're ******* awful though!
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  4. They are alright for a woman or a hairdresser.
  5. They're not alright for anyone!
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  6. All the women at work gush looking at it and think it's pretty and cute.
  7. Get yourself a 1916 Stanley Superheated Triple Expansion Brougham Excelsior Gentleman's Excursionary Vaginal Lodestone! You can not only drive it, it irons your pants while you drive it.
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  8. Consider the Nissan x-trail? Good mate has the 2.2 diesel version. He lives in a fairly remote part of the country over here where if snow/ice sets in a 4x4 is a necessity. He swears by it, performance, spec and running costs wise. Have driven it a few times myself and from my own limited experience, for a 4x4 it's a great driving and well equipped bit of gear.
  9. get rid of the jag focus and rav buy a 4x4 ^fiat panda for Missk13 and a 850 T5 estate with the change and find out how poor the jag really is
  10. Ahh he set limits so forget gettting shut of the Jag.
  11. Skoda estate 4x4 with the 19 TDi engine , wouldn't bother with the yeti get a superb or fabia both will do high 40's to mid 50's to the gallon , well built and reliable .
    Currently trying to convince Mrs Grimbo to sell her beloved Supercharged merc estate that is lucky to do 20mpg and get a Skoda superb estate, or a VW Passat TDi
  12. The new E class 220D blue thing is supposed to be more economical than a Fiesta 1.2L
  13. I am not sure a car is the answer with current fuel prices as they are. Might I suggest a a 2012 Honda GoldWing with all the trimmings? If you don't like it I shall have it off you for a fair discount of 60% showroom price. I'm nice like that. P.S. A RAV4 is pretty embarrassing I hope it is your wife's.

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  14. Trouble is I don't trust Merc build quality , her current merc has never let her down but is nothing like as well built as the E Class before it.
    We have two large dogs and most "estate's" now have such a slopeing rear window the poor dogs have to crouch down or sit right against the rear seats.
    I like the Audi Allroad but the room in the boot is not good.... we still have my Landcruiser 80 that we take the dogs in most of the time and will never sell , but daughter now lives the other end of the country and as she is expecting first grandchild regular trips to Edinburgh are likely in the future and the LC is not at its best on long motorway runs.
  15. Well going by the selection you have so far you seem to have no interest in motor vehicles so just chop it all in for a 4x4 Kia, put rally tyres on it and spend any surplus down the pub!

    That said, with a 4x4 Kia at £17k+, a 4x4 Panda at £14k (if you can find one) it's a shame you can't drive a land rover - £16k plus vat for a new one seems a deal in comparison - as long as you can claim the VAT back - deal for NFU members.