Vehicles used in N Ireland by the Paras

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by gauis, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. I was wondering what vehicles did the Para's use when on patrol during the Seventies and early eighties in urban situation ? Was it predominatly the pig and open topped landrover or did they use Saracen and feret as well?
  2. All of the above - It just depended on the location
  3. What did the guys prefer to use was it the Saracen cause of the 30 cal browning or the landrovers for mobility?
  4. Paras in Belfast 79 used opened top lannys like us, only sarries i saw then were around turf lodge or andy town, besides convoy through twinny
  5. DMS Boots were the most common 'vehicles' around that time, just before the advent of the NI High leg patrol boot.

    I don't ever recall seeing a .30 mounted in an urban area and I was in Belfast in 1980. Couldn't see that you'd be able to use one in an urban unless you absolutely, positively just had to kill everyone the whole street.

    Saracens (if my memory serves me well) around that time were used in urban areas only by the ATO and as Ambulances.

    As for 'preference' never had any. You drove what you there was. Humbers & Lannies (open topped or Macrallon coated)
  6. I was going to say that about the 30 cal. as in pictures from late seventies in Belfast none of the Saracen had them. Mind you loads of pictures of Saracens up to 75/76 do.
  7. Didnt the peelers kill Paddy Rooney (aged 9) with a Shorland mounted MG in Divis?
    IIRC their use was frowned on after that 'cept in the Light Role out of town.
  8. Yes also killed a squaddie home on leave
  9. 70-72, 2 PARA used landrover with windscreen folded and doors and canopy off. They worked on the basis that a stripped vehicle was easier to deploy from than an enclosed model. 1 PARA made much use of pigs (vehicles not the animal) - mostly embellished with label 'This little piggy goes to Hollywood'
  10. Yep, we had that discussion a couple of weeks ago. It was after that they brought the Yellow Card in.
  11. They also learned very quickly to fit wire cutters to the front bumpers. Give old PIRA their due, they were quick to try out new ideas and cheesewire was a popular one for a while.
  12. Remember reading in British army in Ulster vol 1 about the 14/20 Royal Hussars using there 30 cals on there ferets on Broadway after operation Motorman. Also in whiterock in may 1972
  13. My Bn came back from a short holiday in 74 and were commenting that MGs were now not to be used in town.

    As for the veh you got what the unit before handed over to you, you did not bring your own. Although spearhead may be the exception in the early days. We also had 4 toners.
  14. Something really bad in me tells me to laugh. God i think I need an exorcist.
  15. We had a lad in XMG in 1979 who had an ND with the .30 cal, no injuries but he took the guttering and half the roof off a house.