Vehicles to go army brown

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, May 15, 2013.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Why don't they save the consulting fees and just cover them with glue and throw the local dust on them?
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  3. How very 70's, are they going with vinyl roofs and velour seating too?
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  4. I recall the USMC in the early stages of deployment on Desert Shield covering their Humvees with sand on new paint. It looks very good. There was also an AD regt of the RA (can't recall which)who used the RAF desert pink with grey stripes on their vehicles. That looked pretty funky!
    On the other end of the scale was 414 Tk Tptr Unit who had a local contractor paint their vehicles before deployment from the UK. They were known as 'Custard Troop', and not for nothing. Apparently a senior officer had a sense of humour failure over that one!
  5. What about the rest of vehicles for European operations? IF DPM is seem to be ineffective? Current vehicle paint seems pretty useless in urban environments for example...and you know how some minorities hate the countryside, so if its kicks off in Europe it'll be close to a halal butchers and mobile phone shops.
  6. But the important thing is- windows up or windows down?
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  7. Depends if it is summer or past 1800 hours.
  8. Far too easy to confuse the men with that kind of multiple choice.

    Much better to give a clear direction that windows should be down. Until everybody whinges enough and we can change it to windows up. Which should generate some real whinging and vocal debate as to the actual purpose of windows.

    The truly important bit is that no two vehicles in a convoy should look the same.

    Will we also be changing to brown tyres?
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  9. Really does crack me up. For 20 years we have been visiting sandy places. We now know we are withdrawing from the last of these sandy places, so they decide to paint the vehicles "brown".

    Whats more, its not a normal paint, its a "special" paint with, no doubt, "a special price"!

    By special I guess they mean it is IRR, I can't think what else would be special about it. As Terry is well known for having sophisticated electromagnetic sights and IR imaging equipment, would we not have been better just printing of huge photos of Blackpool beach and hiding the vehicles behind that?
  10. Bugger...just put two and two together!!!

    Brown paint, MTP which is basically brown, brown boots...and the Royal Regiment of Scotland!...brown fijians!!!

    The MoD likes to participate in potting the brown me thinks!
  11. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Afrikakorps did this with their helmets (no no their Stahlhelm, not their knob) in the desert (obviously). Yes the paint was desert yellow anyway, but the sand made them utterly matt and non-reflective.
  12. Oh look. Dunkelgelb.
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  13. How's that going to work for non Microsoft users, eg Apple users?
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  14. Ah, but this is the Army. Therefore Dii. Therefore definitely Windows down.
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