Vehicles Tiffy awarded MBE

Discussion in 'REME' started by QManWpns, Oct 7, 2005.

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  1. Obviously cos of OPSEC cannot name(grab a copy of this months crafty)a certain Vehicle Tiffy not long out of the factory, has been awarded the MBE for services in the sand. Can someone pm his citation or what he got it for.

    He also has a brother in warmer safer climes aswell.

    Good luck to him....
  2. Good on him.

  3. Are we talking about the fat one with the slug on his top lip whos with the Paddy cav?
  4. QmanWpns

    Just looked at the crafty. Not the one i thought of.

    Fair play though, ORs have to earn a gong on tour where as the toffs get them for turning up!!
  5. Said Tiff has been out of the factory a few years, brought up some good up armour mods for B vehs on tour as well as all the other shite he does, I feel anyone who has to serve with troggs deserves a gong.
  6. Always viewed Tiffs with Godlike status,one of the few posts in the Army where the holder actually knows what the fcuk he's on about,some exceptions of course no doudt but Well done on him!
  7. 24A now all is being revealed, which trog unit is airborne warrior serving with.
  8. Try not to think of trogg units, it makes me ill
  9. Yeah, all those saggy arrsed tuppence lickers make me feel quite sick.......or is it horny......i get confnused......"NURSE!"

    Big up to the tiff tho :D
  10. Well done that man. Note that he was written up by another cap badge as is always the case when a REME guy gets a gong. Has anyone ever got a gong when they have served in a REME unit? Had he been with a REME Bn he may well have got a DEME(A)'s commendation.
  11. Well said CO, I always thought we don't do enough for our own
  12. I got a gong, and the write up was by a REME CO.

    One of my Cpls got one as well while on Op Tour, as a result of the write up by a REME Company Commander - so it does happen. Having said that, said Cpl did a blo0dy fine job!
  13. I just find it interesting that while we are expected to do our job, other arms seem to get gongs for just doing theirs.....

    It smacks a bit of double standards, mind you, there have been some exceptions to the rule.
  14. Far be it for me to spark off any paternal connection rumours (but I will anyway because someone’s bound to bite) but the aforementioned Tiffy also managed to beat a cast of thousands and 'win' the 'Artificer of the Year 2001' award. Not bad going especially seeing he got given it at the first Regimental Dinner, before the Kremlin phase had even started! There were a few raised eyebrows that :wink:

    Coincidences and malicious rumours aside, he's a decent geezer, good for him and good for the Corps.
  15. Billy bonus on the CV when he jumps ship, or if he goes for the Rupert route, it will put him in good stead when he's a Families officer!