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Sorry for another one of these threads but its a bit different to the usual "chally in afghan" threads.

I spotted this over at and it reminded me of the portees use in the North African campaign.

Defense Tech Video: Updated Boeing Avenger

Now a theme rattling around on here is how to get a higher level of fire support on the ground that can be more organic to units than CAS, as well as cheaper. Traditional armour is too heavy and not specced for theatre threats. How about a modern day jalopee on an existing chassis and controlled from within the cab, an FSG on steroids?
Looks like a similar Canadian project that got cancelled, the MMEV - - a lot of different toys on one armoured wagon. Not sure how great this would be for direct fire support of infantry though - I'm sure it would make a mess of something (especially the CRV7s) but if it's optimised for ATk and LLAD it's probably still going to come in at a hefty price per engagement (not ideal for AP use), and I tend to think something gun/mortar-based would be better for lobbing sustained amounts of HE from under armour in a faster, cheaper and more survivable way.

Have you seen the NEMO and AMOS? Automatic 120mm mortars turret-mounted on mediumweight armour (the wheeled 'Stryker-like' one by Patria and the CV90 IFV spring to mind) and usable in the indirect or direct fire role. I think the round is (relatively) low velocity so not much of an anti-armour weapon, but for Afghan scenario of lobbing rounds onto personnel and structures I'd have thought it'd be pretty well suited - could be worth a look. You've also got the potential of something that's usable as light Arty one minute and as a de facto 'assault gun' the next - direct fire against anything you can see and plunging fire into any dead ground from the same wpn system could be pretty handy.

Mentioning the portees also made me think of the BMP(T): - or even the BMP3 - interesting designs and dripping with weapons. My only concern is it's pretty uncertain where they fit into the 'big picture' of combined arms - not a problem at the moment as if you can get what's needed into theatre that's all to the good - but it could become a problem if we ever try to use these 'tank surrogates' or direct F/Sp vehs as if they were armour against anyone who's got some real armour of his own. Not that there's any money in the pot for developing new AFVs anyway, so I suppose we'll just crack on with the current in service vehs.

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