Vehicle tracker.... 2g sim only ??

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by slick, Aug 4, 2013.

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  1. I`ve been looking for some fairly cheap 12 volt vehicle trackers for our works fleet, as they are scoots they need to be small, and I think I`ve found the ideal item.
    But it mentions in the item specs to use a 2g sim only, as I`m a bit of a duffer on this sort of thing I`m wondering if someone on here would know why it would specify 2g only ?
    Do most sims support 2g and 3g nowadays ?
    If so then would a normal payg sim possibly work ?
    Cheers in advance :)
  2. Are you stalking pizza delivery boys?
  3. Slick,

    Why not ask the manufacturer?
  4. Boys yes, well mostly, not delivering pizza though. We rent out scoots to youngsters who can`t afford their own transport. Some of the the cheeky ******* pay for a couple of weeks then disappear off the face of the earth, hence why we need to try out some form of tracker. It`s getting a bit boring every time we have to get plod involved, we`ve even had the renters trying to sell them on ebay.

    I`ve sent a message to the retailer, still waiting for an answer. Might try the manufacturer route, the things are made in China though.
  5. Just about to go down the same route for my motor, farm machinery and,err the dog! anyone with experience of the cheep ones on ebay?
  6. Would it not be simpler to take a decent deposit and getting the parents to sign as guarantors?
  7. It certainly would, and we do that with anyone 17 and under. But most of the older clients haven`t got a penny to scratch their arse with. A lot of the time the critters have just got employment and places like the Jobcentre or Working links fork out for the first two weeks up front.
  8. Is fangs not chipped already?
    Be a brave man or woman who tries to shove it up!
  9. Yes she is but she is a looker and I'm always afraid pikeys would take her. Also she can get carried away with the chase and I worry she might get stuck in the woods or sumfink.
  10. I used this type of thing some years ago with decent enough results.

    You could either text the unit or ring its number and hang up. It would text you back co-ordinates and speed. Put the co-ordinates into google maps and away you go. Its fairly cheap cos its just text messages. You could also set up a 'geo-fence' so if the unit goes out of a predetermined area it automatically sends a text. We used PAYG SIM cards.

    The ones we used had an internal battery like a mobiles and charged from a USB lead. For a little bit more you could buy an adaptor with flying leads for 12v - ideal for a vehicle.

    Can't find the exact one but they are all of a muchness. I paid approx. £100 some years ago. This is fairly similar.

    GPS GSM Personal Spot Tracker Tracking Location Device Magnet Collar Best New | eBay
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  11. Cheers for the input, the features sound very much like the ones I`ve been looking at. Not exactly the same as the one in your link though, but it`s interesting that you used common payg sim`s in yours.
    I`ve had a word with my boss and she`s going to purchase one and trial it with a normal sim card on one of our scoots.
  12. WebTech operates a wireless fleet management services system, allowing companies with large pools of vehicles to use Global Positioning System tracking, messaging and Internet connectivity. WebTech’s main operating method is to piggyback on the GSM/ General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) networks, better known as 2.5G, of partners Rogers AT&T Wireless in Canada and AT&T Wireless in the U.S. The company also makes devices that will work with satellite networks where GSM/GPRS networks are not available.