Vehicle Roadworthiness Inspection

I have a contractual obligation to inspect vehicles that will work in an Oil and Gas concession area. The existing company standard only covers HSSE requirements (i.e. are all 5 tyres the same, warning triangle present, seat belts etc) and is designed for use in a steady state environment where there is an existing roadworthiness / PPM schedule in place.
I am after an inspection schedule that would cover roadworthiness items such as steering, brakes etc that can be added to the HSSE schedule to make a realistic inspection regime that is fit for purpose.
Vehicles include LV, Bus, HGV, Tanker etc.
i would also be interested to talk to people who would be interested in applying for a role managing a team of LN VM/Vehicle Inspectors for say a 6 month contract with a short mobilisation period (14 days?). Ability to speak Arabic a bonus as well as knowledge of IVMS and Journey Management.
Thanks for reading,
Hi contact the road haulage ass, you can get all the info you need plus inspection forms to cover all veh inspections. Best of luck, bazzer
Just a thought but if you are working near gas you may need to determine the classification of vehicle allowed in the area (if any) - eg will they need to be zone 1 (constant presence) or zone 2 (occasional presence). There will be criteria and standards both vehicles will need to meet; anti static tyres, flame arrestors, cooling jackets on exhausts, zone 1 will be more prescriptive than zone 2 etc. There is more to it than that but none of it is complicated.
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