Vehicle Rental (Enterprise)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by barnezy349, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    Quick question: anyone have any ideas what the script is on cars hired for unit business through the VRS with enterprise, i.e. do I need FMT600 before I can use? Or would I be able to get it with my normal cat b license?

    I need to transport some kit from south to north in about three weeks time but having murder trying to get my FMT600 sorted.

    Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  2. If you are on duty you need FMT 600 to be insured. If you are not on duty and you are paying for it yourself all you need is you driving licence
  3. Seconded, if the unit is hiring it then you not only need FMT600 but a workticket for the vehicle or you're not insured...
  4. on that note - Enterprise do a wicked 'weekend special' and you can get a car for as little as £14.99 a day.

    i hired a Vauxhall Insignia 2L CDTi SRi with full VRX body kit last weekend for just £19.99 per day and ragged the fcuk out of it.

    they even collected me from my house and dropped me off at home again as part of the service when i was finished playing with it.

    you can book it online and then call the local office and see what cars they have in that class and bagsy it.

    go on - treat yourself.

    Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Rental Car Specials and Promotions
  5. I've looked through all their specials and they definitely don't do a mini moke... ;-)
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  6. so long as you have a GS Shovel in the boot you're sorted mate ;)
  7. Used to work for them.... more a case of try your luck with what they have got that very minute! When I used to run the office the cars on your books changed by the second!

    That said I managed to get an E Class for the weekend for £38 but that was with staff discount and a lot of rule fiddiling by my boss ;) Likewise I moved house across several counties and only paid £14 for a Renault traffic with leather seats, air con and included fuel... ah the good old days! Shame they were otherwise quite shit to work for!

    Best tip is to book 'in between' class's if you want to increase the chances of a free upgrade - so group C (Meriva, 1.4 Corsa etc) may get you a group D (Focus, Astra, Golf etc) and booking group E (1.8 petrol Vectra - dunno if the insignia is still classed as the same) may get you a 2.0 TDI Passat / Mondeo - group Fs.

    That said try not to get fobbed off if they go the other way - many a time we put people in group B cars (1.2 Corsa for example) when they were due a C!!

    Oh and remember mileage limits and Excess Protection as possible extras! If you're worried about the high excess but don't want to pay the extra as it can cost a bit then try haggling - usually knocks about a 1/3rd off the cost as they are perfomance marked against XSP sales more then daily car rate
  8. No you don't need a FMT 600 to drive white fleet, unless your unit driver standing orders state that you do.