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Vehicle recognition

I hear (on the Morse grapevine) that Vehicle recognition is to be binned as one of the MATTs next year.

In the meantime, does anyone have a brochure of all of the possible vehicles that can appear on the VR test. I'm looking for a few pictures with a small description ("W.H.A.T" etc) that I can peruse and possibly hand out to some of the new recruits.

Anyone got anything to hand?

Thanks in advance.

A few from memory CR2, warrior, AS90, cvrt family, HVM, MTLB, BMP1, BTR 60PB, BDRM2, T72, Abrams, bradley M109, leopard 2, AMX 10P.

Thats from last years list where they included foriegn vehicles again i'll try to dig out the stuff ive got
msr said:

You should post them into the arrse gallery and then link to them.

its more powerpoint presentations stuff like that that ive got not sure where/ how to put them up

another few for the list are marder (kraut apc) MLRS, ZSU23-4, 2S1, 2S3, and more. It might be best to stick to just british vehicles to avoid skull fEcking/ boring recruits,

cavalier check your pm
devilish said:
As far as I'm led to believe it is only British vehicles and aircraft to be taught. Unless our instructors have fcuked up....
AFV ITD last year included foreign vehicles for the first time in years. I actually had to scratch my brains a bit to get them all.
devilish said:
As far as I'm led to believe it is only British vehicles and aircraft to be taught. Unless our instructors have fcuked up....
A letter went around in jan 2005 IIRC listing foriegn vehicles which were to be included, however most units ignored this and just taught British vehicles, not sure how it stands with MATT's replacing ITD's as far as i know recognition training will be binned for th most part.

Ok recognition is boring, but we would want to end up like our trigger happy spam breatheren 8O
There are currently three catagories to learn: Wheeled, tracked and rotary (heli-choppers) and from what I hear, the whole thing is to be binned and replaced (with something probably just as bone) but as WNB says, we don't want to mistake that 432 for a Marder on the battlefield :lol:

And from what I saw of BOWMAN, we won't even need to know what a Warrior looks like!!
Heres the list as it stands..



Removed as I just checked and its restricted...
WhitHorse is spot on. List and dates he gave are correct, although list isn't restricted. The list has been looked at evry year since Jan 2004 but has not been revised/changed since then. The list is/was the Infantry Basic List, other Arms would have slightly different lists. As from 01 Apr 2006, Arm of Service Directors will determine their own lists. These lists will be learnt/taught depending on what role their unit performs and what the individuals role is in that unit. So a driver in an Infantry Bn will do no training past that in basic training i.e. how to identify a tank, apc, helicopter etc. An A/TK gunner will need to know more and a Pltn Comd more than that. Recognition Trg is not included in MATT's. As for not needing training because of new kit and how good it is - well we know army kit never breaks down and is always fitted/maintained/upgraded etc. when it should be. I'm sure we've all heard the phrase, 'don't worry it's in theatre.'
That list is only valid until 01 Apr 2006. Or if you are attending the All Arms recognition Instructors Course. Anyone needing any more info on this subject can PM me.

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