Vehicle Mechanics Receive Bonuses

Discussion in 'REME' started by Vorenjace, Feb 16, 2008.

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  1. Can i just ask why vehicle mechanics are for some reason the special ones and receive massive bonuses and increases in pay. Ive worked with dozens and I'll readily admit that they work damned hard, but so do Armourers!! People are saying this recent £7000 bonus is to retain vehicle mechanics because they are always signing off at the 4 year point. What do you reckon the armourers and storemen etc are going to do when the vm's are getting all this???!!!
  2. If an armourer then i guess you will just sit in your cellars and masturbate as per usual will you not.

    As for the G10 Kings.........why try to bring them into it apart from the fact they earn their money unlike you tossers
  3. You have to think about it in context how much work is there on the outside for mechanics and how much is out there for armourers. Its a damn shame it works like this but the more in demand a skill is the harder it is for the army to keep those qualified in it.
  4. Because REME are only interested in their VM's. This argument can be applied to a number of REME trades, Recy Mechs are also severely undermanned so we'd like some of this also, but we're realistic enough to now this will never happen because we aren't pot Tiffy's. (and thats not having a go at Tiffy's)
  5. It's happened because VMs are in a trade which has suffered huge shortages for years and it isn't getting any better. The argument about the bonus has been made for some years (the VM manning situation started getting bad in 2001, IIRC) but things must be getting worse if the Army has actually got round to paying a bonus. Recy Mechs are in a similar position but DEME(A) obviously hasn't been able to persuade the CoC to stump up the money, despite a lot of lobbying.

    Similarly, the submariners have been given a huge bonus because the number of submariners was predicted to fall below the level at which we could keep the subs at sea. Pretty good idea that, spend billions of pounds on the nuclear threat but don't pay the boys enough so they all quit and the nuclear threat stays tied up at Faslane.

    I am not aware that the level of staffing in the Armourer trade is anywhere near the critical level which would justify a retention bonus. Next time the MCM Div boys come visiting, why not ask the question? They will have the latest manning figures.

  6. Armr is indeed a big and growing concern. Lots are now failing Phase 2 trg and the recruiting intake numbers are down. Add to this many gaps in the trained soldier ranks, esp Class 1s, and its a growing problem.

    The Corps has been trying to get move incentives through for other trades such as Armr and most recently the Ac/Av trades, but the bean counters hold the purse strings very tightly!
  7. Litotes, whatever happened to your owl?
  8. its hard lines when you have to bribe vehicle mechanics to stay in the army.
  9. The rules seem to be that, if you are under the six year point from your pension start date (which can be found on your CR) by APR this year then you qualify for the £7000 bribe before G.Brown Vulture tax.

    Strange theory on behalf of the bigwigs would have thought they would want to retain class 1's, mind you im probably just saying that because im over my six years! Oh tits. Just have to get on tour and save some moolah the old fashioned way.
  10. No it isn't, it's just a sign of the times, the young lads look at their mates in civvy street getting paid more, (or the same but with out the BS) and then they look at their own jobs which involves a vast portion of their life being spent in some sandy s*%thole for which the public don't give them any appreciation and most of them thing F^*k this for a game of soldiers and do one.
    I would however agree with Norteenick that surely the bonus would be better off being given on completion of Class 1's (or something similar) you reward the lads who've worked hard and you give the younger lads something extra to work towards, retaining some of the skill level while giving incentives to stay in.
  11. I only got word of this today and trust me i'm a little more upset than other trade groups. The bonus only applys to Lcpl's that are in the 4th to 6th year of service from their 18th b'day. Now being a VM myself (and slightly older) i am a bit disgruntled at the fact that a young 22 year old lad (no offence to anyone) that lives for the weekend is going to get 7k to piss up the wall, when they could do it across the board and that would be 7k to put towards my mortgage or the like. They say that its for retention of the younger lads. Now i'm only 27 and a class 1 so surely with all the money they've spent on me, they might want to keep me and others that are in the same boat? If they don't sort something out i think they might end up with a shortfall of more experienced guys. There's plenty work outside the wire if you look in the right places! :evil:
  12. Agreed, just what do you say to all the other young lads of different trade groups who, imho are just has deserving of a retention bonus as VM's.

    There's going to be some mighty p!ssed off lads when you VM's start waving your substantial wad under the noses of young Recy mechs, Armrs etc.
  13. I agree, like i said it should be across the board. Everybody in REME has had to work hard to get into this 'specialist' corps therefore they should give the incentive to everyone.
  14. oni fully concurr however whenever the outside world thinks of REME they automatically think VM.

    The incentive as already mention is for the operational pinch point trade and the CEG of VM is critically undermanned at LCPL/CPL level hence the incentive or there will be no one left in the future.

    Then where would armourers be without a VM to drive their macchy wagons for them.
  15. Its a bribe to stay in a shit job, coz lets face it who wants to be spannering in this day and age. Lets just IST it and go off and play sport