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Discussion in 'REME' started by jonni, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Hi, im currently a civvy working as a mechanic, and i want a change of location and want to travel, the army seems like the place to go.

    I just wanna know a few things from others doing the job as to the postings you get put on, ie where and doing what? If you say are sent to iraq do you then become a front line soldier on patrols as well as your regular job? I dont want to be basic infantry,if im honest i dont think i have the guts for it, but doing my trade in a war zone away fromfrontline combat makes me quite excited.

    any help would be welcome

    many thanks
  2. Vehicle Mechanics are never far away from the action mate. If you intend on being a REMF then VM aint the trade to be. They regularly attend vehicle casualties when the lead is flying, toolbox in hand.
  3. Go for it mate, and if it makes you that excited then there is always plenty of chx (if i can call them that) to dive into ur dossbag and help releive you.
    8) 8) 8)
  4. so your in an even worse situation as a sitting duck trying to fix a vehicle in the middle of a firefight?

    any ideas of any other jobs i can get my hands dirty in and follow on my love for all things oily/electrical? i have been down to the army careers but they seem not to know anything about anything than wanting me to become infantry or armoured infantry.
  5. Joe-squad is right mate, even though he is probably a desk-waller-tiffy anyway but VM is definately the one to go for. Its hard work but definately rewarding. And yes you can be in harms way but who isnt in the current climate, comes with the job.
  6. If you have a look on youtube there is excellent footage of soldiers repelling an attack in Sangin IIRC. I have been led to believe that one of the soldiers depicted in the firefight was a REME VM. That is evidence that we are soldiers first and tradesmen second however its also a case of the shiite hitting the fan and all arms manning the guns. Its not an every day occurence so dont let it temper you too much. It does sound like the REME is for you and that you are joining for the right reasons, go for it pal!
  7. If you are already a trained mechanic you will do great in the REME. however you will still have to do trade training (even though you may have equvilant qualifications already)... but its not that bad really... remember you are getting paid for sitting in a classroom and you will breeze through the exams! (i would recomend A-Mech without a doubt)

    If the thought of being on the FRONT LINE worries you.... Thats fine, it worries all of us to be honest but its an experience you will never forget

    Go for it fella... what have you got to loose?

    if you are wondering what an A-Mech does, primarily you work on armoured vehicles, but as most A-mechanics will tell you, you can pretty much turn your hand to anything from Tanks to Landrovers, motorbikes, generators, JCBs (and armoured plant kit) and belive it or not we have boats that need fixing too!

    Hope this helps.
  8. As an ex recruiter and VMA
    Firstly have you got any NVQ quals as a mechanic or D grade Eng, maths and science if not you wouldnt be able to go VM even though its a pinch point job and vm work at mo.
    If you have got NVQ vehicle technology 2 or equivalent (I believe) you could be entitled to a financial benefit once you passed phase 2 .
    As a VM like others have mentioned you are a soldier first and lots of our colleagues have proved there worth in tight spots eg CRARRV and 513/512 crews.
    If you get in with NVQ quals you may be able to do a trade test and not have to do all your basic course.
    Every unit has some kind of REME support so you could be posted anywhere, speak to your local ACIO/AFCO and say your interested in REME look at life and hopefully medical/fitness wise youll pass selection.
  9. Do it fella. Its a great life. As with everything sometimes it has its bad moments, but then the better moments outweigth those. I've been in for a few years now and have seen a fair bit and done a fair bit both work and play.
    It beats working for a living!!!! sometimes
  10. here are my qualifications copied from my cv


    Mathematics B
    English C
    English Literature C
    Science: Physics C
    Science: Chemistry C
    Science: Biology D
    Design and Technology: Resistant Materials Technology B
    Information Technology (Short Course) B

    AS Level

    Business Studies C
    Information and Communication Technology D
    Media Studies D
    Design and Technology: Product Design E

    A Level

    Business Studies D
    Media Studies D
    Information and communication Technology E

    NVQ level 3 Light Vehicle Maintainance & Repair
  11. Don't do it mate! I've had 18 years as an A mech and I was a grunt before that. When I think about it long and hard I was better off filling bloody sand bags. If I was you I'd think long and hard about some of your other Corps; how's about shiny arsing it with the Int Corps - fastest way to become a WO.
  12. You would be able to get Tech type jobs with these grades so dont underestimate your talent and career. Im a VM as I say but look at otherthings like aircraft or avionics techs aswell. Dont think NVQ3 would get you bonus though but worth checking with careers office.
  13. yeah i looked at aircraft/avionics with the raf but the minimum service is 9 years which would make me 31 and its a little too much of my life i want to sign away at the age of 22. i have considered this job also within the army.

    this may seem a stupid question, but would i need tools? over the last 3 years i have made a nice collection of over £10,000 worth of tools including my tool box, all of which is snap on and it would be a shame to sell it, but i guess the money would come in handy
  14. filling sand bags? int corps?

    can you fillme in any more as to why i should avoid VM?

    its all very helpful, and iam greatful to you all,ive got more help and advice today than 2/3 trips to the acio
  15. Dont need or use your own tools theyd be nicked, saying that if you get in and posted with my LAD bring them along I'll help you look after them