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Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by Liam92, Sep 22, 2011.

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  1. hi,
    i was wondering if any1 can give me some advice describe what its like being a VM in the british army.
    ill be a fully qualified mechanic soon an going into the army sounds interesting an something i would like to consider.

    i would just like to no what sort of experiences you are expected to come acorss, i would be very grateful of you could help :)

    thanks, Liam
  2. Rodger.Wait.Out.
  3. Right I'm Back now. Personally, I think it's great! If you like adventure diversity and graft on the work front and pal's for life mixed with awesome pissups socially then it's for you.
    What kind of "experiences" would you like to read about? Ones like this:

    I went to camp lick by bridge 4 the other day. I drove the OC; his regular driver was on R and R so I got to drive the boss. He is a good bloke and a tough soldier the Major, well liked by his men-he always looks after them and makes sure everybody knows what’s going on-even his mechanic! The camp itself was under constant mortar fire. I was in the Mastiff and saw one go off about 10 feet in front of me .I never knew that mortars make a double bang when they go off really close to you. One of the infantry lads told me that’s how you know you are really in the shit because you hear it bang off the tarmac before the fuse detonates-a kind of clang BANG.Nice.Anyway I got out to go and speak to the Iraqi colonel via our interpreter. He was supposed to have about 40 working BNP’s (an old style Soviet block armoured personnel carrier) – but he only had two in working order. I was going to offer to have a look at them for him and see what I could do.
    So there he was sat opposite my Major with the Iraqi Colonel and the second mortar barrage came in. I pointed out afterwards when our hearing came back to the lad who told me about the clang-BANG that another way you can tell you are in the shit is because holes start appearing in walls around you and you where lying on the floor one second and seem to have moved a couple of feet with the blast the next. I never bothered with the BNP’s.
    The main hospital is starting to be used for the treatment of civvies and Iraqi squaddies from the city so the guard has had to be doubled. A young mechanic called Dan has being helping out clearing up blood and guarding the nurses. A four year old little girl has just died in front of him. He told me she was just sat there with her mum .Shed been shot in the abdomen with an exit wound on her bum cheek. The nurses gave her a morphine lollypop and she seemed to be doing ok. She had a heart attack on the way to the operating theatre on the trolley Dan had offered to push. I tried to comfort Dan-he was obviously cut up about it all, it’s his fist tour ,he’s only 19 and he’s not used to this shit- who is?
  4. I think he meant what type of spanners do you use, Metric or AF?
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  5. British Standard Whitworth.
  6. Depends what you want out of it. It's ok if you want to get a qualification that's **** all use in civvy strasse but it's good fun in general and the piss ups tend to be mega. On ops it's long hours with not much thanks but you won't get bored.

    If you can try to stay away from LAD postings. It's been a while (2003) since I've worn the badge but last I heard the VM trade was rumoured to becoming VME. I'm sure someone with up to date gen will confirm or deny this.

    Good luck.
  7. What do you drive, a Sopwith Camel? :)
  8. Most AFVs appeared to be a mix of everything, but in the end you just used whatever came to hand first, 1/2" AF, 13mm and 1/4 Whit were all "close enough" for the job if a 12" AJ wouldn't fit in.
    That reminds me, are "whee bolts" still taught?
  9. Whaddamean stay away from LAD's! Been a while since I was in but then it was taken as gospel that REME is brilliant in small doses, Inf or Cav LAD's etc, but Armd Wksp's (Bn's now I believe) were used as the inspiration for zombie movies.
  10. REME is like manure. Spread it thinly and it does wonders. Put it in a heap, and it's a pile of shit.

    Not heard of them being made VME though. Let's face it, if they couldn't handle being VMA or VMB then there's not much hope