Vehicle mechanic choice?

I start basic on April 3rd and I'm sure I read somewhere that you don't get to choose between being an A or B Mech nowadays? Just wanted to find out before hand..

A if you are male, B if you are female. Thats about the best yardstick.
No its OK. If you've made up your mind then you'll get it. Thats how the Army works. If not, throw a hissy fit and demand an interview with the ASM or OC. You'll defo get what you want.
Do you stand up to urinate?
Good to see a bit of humour in this thread, recently there has been too much whinging for my liking. We have always had a reputation as a Corps for being able to laugh through adversity.

Cheers, Nobby
When I went through Bordon (around 4 years ago) the VM's were told to choose which they wanted, but not everyone would get their choice, as the majority want to go A Mech and there just isnt the spaces avaliable. Cant imagine it has changed much, just put down your choice and then wait and see what happens. You may aswell get used to being told to do something you dont want to do anyway, your joining the army.
Cheers mate. Also will I be going to Pirbright or Bassingbourne for basic? Heard loads of different answers :S
95% sure it would be Bassingborne however they do occassonally have additional phase 1 places at Pirbright but the only ones are for a few females in 2011.

edited to add your course from 03/04/2011 to 07/07/2011 is definately at Bassingbourn and you are due to start at SEME Bordon 18/07/2011 if all goes well.
I was down as A mech all the way thru ATR bassingbrn, got to bordon and the first 5 on the register got TOLD they where being A mechs, that was 15 months ago.... now i am a class 3 vm B, and i stand up to piss when i am sober, and lye down when im pissed! as long as you arent a rekimek or a warhammer geek its all good right? i am a big boy arent i?

Also... im sure when you ask someone who is supposed to know about theese things, they will tell you there will be no vm A or vm B soon as it is all changing to vm-U .. U for universal, or Unisex if you like. i think that has been a rumour since black and white tv, and hasnt gone away!
The B in VM B stands for Bettermech......
We dont have to take the engine and gearbox out to change the starter motor/alternator etc...;-)

Sorry buddy but I think you have got a little muddled up with what the "B" stands for..... I think you will find its "Batty". ;-)

I always presumed it was BIATCH

Sorry buddy but I think you have got a little muddled up with what the "B" stands for..... I think you will find its "Batty". ;-)
Drinking a pint of your own sick on hohne ranges in 2006 is neither big or clever. Neither are really big coolant burns! A mechs.....PAH!
(is that you?-you know who you are!)
Fixed for you ;-)

There again I'm an ex wobbly-stinking tech nosher so what do I know as they're all Grease Monkey Spanner W**kers to me :p
Back atc'ha, box body dwelling warblade playing gortex wearing tech spanker....etc ..etc;-)

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