vehicle mechanic (b)

Discussion in 'REME' started by danny_mo, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. im looking at the above as my main career choice how you find? where u based? whats daily life like etc cheers guys for the help in advance
  2. Danny - glad to see you're thinking of coming over from the other ride (RE).

    I've been out for nearly 10 years, but spent 22 as a VM(B). Unless it has changed drastically....
    Apply for VM(B) may get offered VM(A) (armoured vehicles), but don't let them corrupt you.....incoming :wink:

    After the course at SEME (Bordon) postings will be available. It used to be the case that the higher you came on the course the better chance you had of getting the posting you wanted (from those available).

    Postings are normally for 3-4 years at a time. At the end of this you can submit a preference of posting form which Records either ignore or give you the opposite (the are exceptions).

    Passing the Class 1 course (used to be 6 months duration) brings with it civvy qualifications (City & they still exist?).

    During your career you may be identified as Artificer material (Tiffy). Then you attend selection etc and a course if you are lucky. This would then open the door to accelerated promotion and management positions. Otherwise you stay in the Artisan stream, where the ceiling is normally SSgt.

    That's it in a nutshell. Keep away from them RE fella's.
  3. Agree with O@L except that Artisans can now promote all way to WO1. WO2 has been opened up for a while and the top x percent will get it. The most outstanding Artisans may now make WO1.
  4. I'm going for the same job...Already a qualified mechanic in Civvy Street but get a golden hello if get in!! I here its pinchpoint too...Is there a long waiting time once selection is passed?? If there is ill go RM or Armourer and get a different NVQ
  5. Just thought I should point out that you might pick VM(A) or VM(B) but there's no guarantee you'll end up doing it it. There's at least 3 guys I've met recently who have been put on VM(B) courses having opted originally for VM(A). No choice involved, the trg co-ord office just told 'em what they're going to do.
    Of course it may only work the one way and B mechs don't end up being streamed onto A mech courses...

    Lukie... The RM have there own armourers, VMs and I believe a few other tradesmen who do their trade courses at SEME. Standing by to be corrected but I think you have to do something like 3 years as a general duties marine first though.
  6. Nooo...not Royal Marine...I meant Recovery Mechanic!! I,m no marine!! Ha! But I hear there are shortages of Vehicle Mechs, Recovery Mechs and Armourors which were my 3 choices! Is there a long wait?
  7. One thing no one has mentioned if you do manage to make it to Tiffy they remove all your common sense!!!!!

    By the way Out@last when I did my 1st Class ( A Mech) it was almost 9 months.Mind you that was in 1980 .
  8. Doesn't surprise me....takes a bit longer to sink in with A mechs :wink:

    You set yourself up for that one :D
  9. :D I sure did.

    But it takes longer to learn how to play with the big toys :wink: not dinkys.
    Mind you what about the flower arrangers :? oops sorry Recce Mechs :wink:
  10. i dont think it matters anymore A or B, take a look at the Cfn to Lcpl promotions in the corps comic you will see very few A mech's in tank regiments and you will see lots of B mechs in tank regiments so god knows what they are upto. just remember that one day you will have to leave REME and do it outside for a living, not many AFV trucking down the M1
  11. Use the force! Close your eyes what do you see before you? It is a massive A! Follow the A and you will always be in the way of the force!

    Follow the B and you are no more than Darth Vaders sh1troll!

    Trust me kiddo, what you want to do when you first join up is eff-all like you want to do when you leave 22yrs later. So go Amech thrash about the countryside, LAUGH at Bmechs drivers and have fun.
  12. Gundog

    Excellent post mate, "A" Mech the chosen ones :D Seriously though, there is a lot of threads in here these days where lots of whinging seems to be the way ahead. My memories of the Corps (distant though they may be) is that we always approached any problem with a sense of humour. Lets have more banter on here :wink:

  13. none of you guys have told him yet that as a B mech he will have to sit down every time he pees
  14. FLB

    Thats more like it :D

    Squatters the whole lot of them

  15. Might be barking up the wrong tree, (out of my comfort zone, being a stinkin' Tech :twisted: ), but I thought new entrants were now VM(U) and did "equipment" courses ready for which ever role thay are posted too. Making it possible to do both A and B Mech posts - some wonderful idea of solving the 'pinch' by enabling MS Sldr Wg to post any VM anywhere thay're needed.