Vehicle Mechanic ~ Afghan duties?

Exactly the same as they are for a VM everywhere else in the world:

Keeping fit equipment in the hands of the user by application of your trade skills along with carrying out any and all other duties commensurate with your rank.

In layman's terms, the user brings you a broken vehicle and you fix it. Then, you take your turn on guard at the camp gate, then you might go for a drive around in the desert before (hopefully) returning to camp for tea and medals :)

Note: The above may not happen strictly in that order.
Little_Butch said:
Going In for Vehicle Mechanic, what are the specific duties over In Afghan?
Cheers, Butch.
What ever job/trade you choose in the Army you are a soldier first and every soldier who deploys over on Ops will get involved. A lot of my young Cfn and L/Cpl VMs have been trawled to go with PARA/Infantry units for patrols etc in various different theatres. When ever convoys go anywhere there will always be REME cover to assist and VMs are there on hand to Support any Battle Group what ever their mission as if a vehicle breaks down they have to give a quick assessment/field repair to keep things moving. Expect lots of hard graft but you will find the work rewarding even if you go as a Squatting B mech.
Got my Intake date 13th June and I can't wait! At first I went for Infantry but then changed to VM to get a trade so the fact that I can still get Involved In a bit of graft sounds great!
The boys from my Fiter section all had to fire there personal and vehicle mounted weapon systems out there during recovery so you still have to learn your soldiering skills to buddy. You all muck in when they come at you matey. Enjoy your training bud and listen to your instructors.
So your not looking at a 12-24 year career then? Just short term? or perhaps your hoping the war lasts for a long time?

What about after? :? I wouldn't sign up based on one posting... 8)

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