Vehicle Marking and history Questions

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by OAFAAF, Jul 13, 2013.

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  1. Hello I hope this post is in the right place.

    I am restoring a 1st of Nov 1954 Land Rover it started out I believe in the 1st Guards Brigade Group and then became part of the 51st Gurkha brigade group in 1962. I have found the markings for this on the land rover. Also the markings on the drivers side a blue rectangle with a white rectangle (signals markings) with I believe a red 10 on a rarely used number for the fourth infantry battalion in an infantry brigade group.

    The problem I am having is there is a red square with the number 38 in white on the lower part of the doors.
    I can not find a definite reply to what it is, some say stores marking some say a war games marking. arrse unknown making diagram.jpg 024.jpg
  2. no I have left out the tyre pressure markings but they are there on the vehicle in white TP25 on the wheel arches
  3. Vehicle "chalk number" for a big move by sea/air?
  4. Nice one. Chalk Number and other useful stencils : Military Lightweight shows it as being:


    Ours were on a black background. Only thing, though, is that the numbers would be in chalk (what a coincidence) as they referred to the loaded vehicle so a visit to the weighbridge was in order. Even the chalk number varied, depending on VORness.

    Still, a happy reminder of a little feature that I'd totally forgotten about.
  5. 4(T) Vehicle "chalk number" for a big move by sea/air? sounds interesting I will have to check it out

    Cloudbuster on vehicles of this age the weight would be on a yellow disc on the front wing for bridging etc. although?

    Puttiesinmyhands I have posts on the Series One Club EMLRA and HMVF I have asked Bovington tank museum and a military writer who most people call a guru about such things and he is very good.

    after trying all a chap for the series one land rover club said to try here.

    Thank you for your comments guys its given me some thing to look in to.
  6. The Chalk No patch was used by units of Army Strategic Command in UK in the 1960s (but black background). I've a vague idea the patch may also have been on vehs of 28 Cwth Bde in Terandek. From 64 to 66 52 Gurkha Bde was permanently HQ'd in Brunei commanding the central bde area during Confrontation. There weren't many roads (the two bns were 100% air supply) so vehs weren't much use. I've an idea that after Confrontation 52 may have been in HK.

  7. Hello,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have been in touch with the curator of the Gurkha museum and have found more to the markings which suggest it was a different brigade, 17 brigade in Malaya.

    sorry for the confusion but I am taking my time and tentatively cleaning off the markings as they are in such bad state.