Vehicle Maintenance

Discussion in 'REME' started by phil37, Aug 1, 2009.

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  1. In this day and age of increased H+S, if a new vehicle enters service should those maintaining it be properly trained on the relevant course or should all Class 1s be capable of maintaining a vehicle they are not familiar with?

    I can remember Class 1s maintaining CR2s (with no knowledge of the systems) when it first arrived in Germany but that was 10 years ago.
  2. VM's are good but an equipment course for any new vehicle type should be completed surely?
  3. Anyone who is to be expected t repair kit should have attended an equipment course. However, when i think back there are a few bits of kit i was never taught, but i got a spec qual after working on them for a few months.
    Any Class 1 tradesman should be competent enough to be able to pick up the tech pubs and fault find and rectify on any equipment in a reasonable time. Tech spankers seem to be happy to pick up the tech pubs if they are not sure, why is it that VMs are not?
  4. a lot has changed on vehicles from the defender, bedfords, dafs.
    now you give a new vehicle of this day and age that has been squaddie proofed and dummified.

    When a mechanic goes through his VM course only getting taught what he needs to know to pass the test. then the test is 60% pass mark.

    I would say there is a big technical difference from a civilian mechanic to a part time VM.
    You try asking a military VM how air bags work?
    or how active cruise control works>
    or how to diagnos a fibre optics audio system fault?
    90% of class 1s will give you........em em em em

    I would say that a lot of mil vm's are only trained part changers and need to refreshed into how new kit actually works and how to fix it effectively with out technical repairs (bodge jobs).
    if not the results could be costly and catastrophic.
  5. Vehicle Maint (providing it isnt at TSSU) is the drivers responsibility.

    Vehicle Mechanic is merely there to swop parts more of a fitter really then a mechanic.

    Unless its a hover tank then the fundamental of steering, final drives, powerpack etc are surely the same? and would only require a conversion course.

    I would imagine if this is not the case then many VMs would rather not attend an intensive course on a new bit of kit unless they like sandy or stoney places for long periods of time.
  6. So who is responsible for the inspection and fault diagnosis of the equipment?
  7. Inspection carried out monthly on a CFT

    Driver Mechs normally pretty good at diagnosis, same as Gunner mech, ConSigs and even Crew Mechs.

    REME vermin merely confirm and book it in for to a civ workshop to work on
  8. BIPOLAR77 take your ignorant one sided views elsewhere they do not answer the question raised but sadly show that even those with less brain cells can be adopted by the Armed Services and used as fodder now jog on.

    VM's are indeed required to attend the relevant eqpt course prior to working on new eqpt. If you know what your talking about then DEME(A)'s guidance in DES 2 is where you need to look. Competence is required and no one should be inspecting/repairing eqpt that they have had no formal training on.

    However that said common sense can also prevail, for instance Trojan and Titan are CR2 based eqpt so it would be fine for a formally CR2 trained VM to say repair a powerpack but not go so far as to get involved with the STR epqt.
  9. Really???

  10. My bold, 90% would probably give you that response but then again, they are trained in what they need to know, how many Military vehicles have those systems you mention on them anyway?... not many.

    And to put the shoe on the other foot, how many civi VM's would be able to complete field repairs to get a vehicle moving while getting mortared, shot at etc. I would suspect the answer from your civi VM's would be, feck that lark.
  11. Your miles away mate your head is full of the sh=te that most ex/non VM's like to fill it with. The new vehicles we have/are getting require the CL1 VM to use and interrogate laptop based diagnostic systems. They are taught CANBUS systems, ECU code retrieval/reset as well as testing and diagnostic interrogation of electronic and automotive systems.

    As for air bags and fibre optic audio systems...WTF possessed you to write that. Shoe on the other foot, how many civilian mechanics can explain a fluid flywheel, automatic track tensioning or epicyclic gearing.
  12. I will tell you what the problem really is first hand having in the last two years swapped from looking after CR2 then WARRIOR then back to CR2 I now get dragged away to look after PANTHER from time to time. Im now getting sent on more equipment courses for kit that might not be in service by the time i get to the stan. overload is what i call it.This coupled with a med man that had six panther lap tops to work with but only one cable and data plug to go round the whole battlegroup and a fan belt that takes 6 hours to fit. Give us an effing chance to learn how to fix this kit i say and make it maintainer friendly before issuing the frigging stuff. RANT OVER
  13. The perils of UOR procurement!

    Keep ranting, Sleeper, keep ranting!

  14. Oh i could go on all day just had another lap top dumped on us afew weeks ago by the IPT team for the new GUE but thats another story. :?
  15. 6 hrs for a fan belt, you were lucky we had to change a fuel pump on a ferret and still had to stag on all night you tell the youth of today that and they wont belive you!!!

    nothing changes we all had it tough you should have herd the the generation befor me they had it hard, but they were in a war, but so are you. nothing changes

    Al x x x