Vehicle insurance claim in Germany

I had my motorbike stolen just before I left Germany for my new posting in the UK. I went through the correct procedure of letting the insurance company

It was a tax free bike (Yamaha YZF-R6 2011, 800 miles) which I paid £7,600 for brand new. My insurance company (Mirascon) have contacted me and told me they value my bike at 7,900 Euros less 300 Euro excess. I have emailed them and even talked to one of the TAAC employees on the telephone to let them know I do not agree with the valuation.

Today I checked my bank account and found £5,900 in my English bank account.

Who can I contact to aide me with this problem as it is insurance from Germany?
Does the Insurance Ombudsman help seeing as this is German insurance?


I am currently waiting for a tax bill to be sent to me from the BFG system as the bike was less than 12 months old when it was stolen, I was told that I have to pay £1,500 tax as the bike was disposed of before it was 12 months old, albeit stolen.

as you can see I am having a few problems with the insurance, making it even worse that I am posted in the UK now.

Any help is appreciated on these matters,


J88KLN, Is there stil a legal aid place in Germany? If so contact them with your problem and they should be able to help. I remember getting abill from some company around 5 years after I had left Germany and they dealt with it for me.
Yamaha YZF-R6 2011 is on sale from the Yamaha website at £6499. Mind you, it's got 7,000 miles on the clock.
£5900 multiplied by the FFR of 1.21 = €7139

You said that they would pay you €7600 minus the figure in your bank account = €461

€461 could be anything from exchange rates to handling fees, to transferring the funds from a German Account to a UK account.

Was the bike secured when it was stolen, ie chain lock/alarm fitted?
I think you are on a loser disputing the value unless you had some after market add ons as the Germans use the Schwake system to value vehicles and as far as I know that has the force of law behind it - or at least the courts accept it as binding.

As for the tax bit. Fucked there as well unless you specifically insured against that.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings and all that.

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